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 Post subject: 1/20/19 #Tremblant Conditions
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 8:09 am 
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T360 Late Eve. Apres Ski Edit Under Construct @ 11:14 P.M.

An Absolutely And Literally Awesome Day
With -23 C And A Sometimes Howling Wind.

It is not impossible, but a bit unusual to have
such a strong wind and snowfall with such low
temperatures. Very cold can be windy, for sure,
but frequently near-calm too, but very cold does
not usually have such prolific snowfall.

1.20.19.Summit.Views.Nord.North.La.Crete.Awesome.Minus.23.C.Wind.Driven.Snowfall.f.jpg [ 549.25 KiB | Viewed 185 times ]

We are in the process of what may be commonly referred to
as a: "Cold Snap”...

...even though there is a much more complex meteorological
explanation involving the convergence of the Polar Vortex and
a Texas Low, the net result is...

The "Angry Storm Child" of the two,
a really nasty, cold, windy, Snowstorm!

We were right on some things and quite wrong on others.

One example was the overwhelming impact of the Nor-Easterly
wind carrying snow up P’tit Bonheur. The number of days in a whole
season P’tit Bonheur is challenging for Beginners can be counted
on fewer that the fingers of one hand. Today may have been one
of those days...

Below: A foot and a half of Wind-Packed powder on P’tit Bonheur is
not generally considered “Beginner” territory. It could not be helped.
Mother Nature just wanted to exert her own way, and there was
nothing Humans could really do other than try to enjoy it!

1.20.19.Ptit.Bonheur.Rare.43.cms.1.5.foot.Powder.Lines.Beginner.Challenge.d.jpg [ 332.86 KiB | Viewed 185 times ]

What we were right about was the Lee-Side Drift-in. There
were dozens of examples of drifting way, way, over what the
total will be recorded as. P’tit Bonheur was certainly an example
of Lee-Side Drift-In.

There were powder lines all day, some of them in
random places you might not expect.

1.20.19.TGV.Quad.Views.Powder.Busting.Below.Cable.Line.Adjacent.McCulloch.Summit.Pitch.d.jpg [ 756.13 KiB | Viewed 185 times ]

Nansen gets the “Easiest Green Utility Award du Jour.”

Tomorrow is Super Cool as well, then Tuesday starts cold, but
by just after lunch, it should reach a balmy -14 C, a lot more

Get ready and go for some seriously genuine “winter".

-------------------- 8:09 A.M. Orig. Post -----------------------

102(*) Open Trails on the Snowy, Cool Slopes of 100% #Tremblant .

When There’s A Big Storm,
You Should Take Refuge At Tremblant.

Versant Soleil “Refuge” Mid-Descent Warming Station.
Put your feet up beside the fire, have a warm beverage
and relax, you’re safe and sound in any storm at Tremblant.

1.18.19.Soleil.Quad.Views.Refuge.d.jpg [ 501.6 KiB | Viewed 416 times ]

Regional, Continental Context.

The Weather Continues To Be The News.

File comment: Screenshot Courtesy of The Weather Network.
1.20.19.Weather.Data.f.jpg [ 204.4 KiB | Viewed 396 times ]

File comment: Screenshot Courtesy of The Weather Network.
1.20.19.Weather.Data.c.jpg [ 191.79 KiB | Viewed 396 times ]

File comment: Screenshot Courtesy of The Weather Network.
1.20.19.Weather.Data.b.jpg [ 161.45 KiB | Viewed 396 times ]

Weather Notes:

It might not sound like much, but at 7:45 A.M.
the actual temp outside here is 2 C warmer than
forecast @-18C, so we are already 10 C degrees
warmer than 24 hours ago, and that’s a great start
for “User Friendly” at Tremblant today.

Considering all the News that is the North American
weather picture(with all the attached graphics above),
compared to yesterday, it’s just a nicer, easier, excellent
snowy, cool winter day at Tremblant.

1.20.19.Weather.Data.a.jpg [ 173.42 KiB | Viewed 416 times ]

Conditions Notes:

With an indicated 6cm’s of fresh overnight snowfall,
there will continue to be thickness in some trail surfaces
as grooming cycles work to build compaction.

For Beginners and Intermediates:

The softness some top layers exhibit may make them
prone to some mogul formation and/or edge-catching
characteristics, so we recommend staying well within
rated Skill Level terrain for your actual abilities.

This is a continuation from yesterday and it may
carry on as long as it snows at this rate, which is
a “Happy Problem” for a Ski Resort! It just takes
a few grooming night-shifts to reduce the “Spongy”
softness of rapidly accumulating powdery snow,
so care is required where folks new to the sport
are learning, or gaining experience.

Below: Snow”Fall” !!!
From 1/18/19
When the new snow is so light and soft, it’s fun to fall in!
Learning and advancing means that sometimes tumbles
happen, especially when there’s a bit of thickness or depth
when rapidly snowing. We were trying to get a good learning
sample pic. with this one, and we were actually not going to
use it because the fall makes it less than perfect, but... after
consideration we realized that it perfectly illustrates the fact
that the occasional tumble is an inevitable part of learning.
From where we took this pic., you could hear the laughter of
the student who suddenly found themselves in a cloud of
soft, snowy dust, and that is the perfect attitude to have!

1.18.19.Nord.North.Beauchemin.Bas.Lower.Top.Pitch.Snow.Fall.Observations.d.jpg [ 355.38 KiB | Viewed 389 times ]

Above: The speed of the class above would be no more
than a fast walking pace, so very slow by skiing standards.
Falling in this stuff is like falling into a big bowl of fluffy cotton,
it’s super-soft, so no harm what-so-ever, and valuable experience
in understanding and learning how control moves work.

For Experts:

1.18.19.Nord.North.Le.Tunnel.Au.Natural.c.jpg [ 671.83 KiB | Viewed 389 times ]

WaaaaHoooo! Milder temperatures and loads of
drifting powder snow are all the permissions you need
to have a blast almost everywhere you go!

The groomed will be a hoot for the Front-Side Carvers,
and the Sous Bois, Glades, Hors Piste, and Un-Groomed
will also be a hoot for anyone exploring, especially
considering there should be some Lee-Side Drifting
features that far exceed the statistical snowfall totals.

In this scenario, deep snowy conditions may favour Experts,
however, it should be noted that as usual, Nansen and P’tit Bonheur
continue to be examples of the very best easy learning, Beginner
terrain in Eastern North America, all day, every day. Period.

102(*) Open Trails on the Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions
for January 20, 2019, Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
File comment: Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca

1.20.19.Trail.Status.Data.a.jpg [ 382.81 KiB | Viewed 416 times ]

It’s Another Classic Tremblant Pure Winter Day!

Loads Of Snow, Go Anywhere, Do Anything Versatility,

Easy Fun And Challenge Across All Skill Levels!

Links and not-so-fine print:


What’s The Use? Research Benefits of this Archive: http://tinyurl.com/gp5vjps

(*) :?: Understanding Trail Counts - http://alturl.com/n54py



http://translate.google.com/translate_t ... =fr&tl=en#


Forum Index: http://alturl.com/r4cco

:) Bring Back The Memories... :arrow: Research Future Visits...
If you would like to look up dates you visited Tremblant, or you
want to research days/weeks/months to visit, you can sample what
they look like historically, month by month, year by year.

GoTo: Archive, Search Reports by Date: Index: http://tinyurl.com/yktelmu

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consecutive date.)


The Tremblant360.com Team

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