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 Post subject: 1/24/19 #Tremblant Conditions
 Post Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 7:37 am 
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T360 Prime-Time Apres Ski Edit Under Progressive Construct @ 8:53 P.M.

One of the most “Dynamic” days of the season...

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
1.24.19.Summit.Info.Ski.Views.Foggy.c.jpg [ 416.26 KiB | Viewed 314 times ]

“Dynamic": Definition: Adjective, (of a process or system)
characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.

It Rained,
It Snowed,
It was Foggy,
It was Clear,
It was Spring Skiing,
It was Winter Skiing,
It was warm,
It was cool,

But not all at the same time,
not all in the same place.

We think the above easily qualifies today
as “Dynamic”.

The rainy bit was this morning, however, it did not
cover the whole Mountain and some zones stayed
dry all day.

The “Foggy” bit was largely at the Summit and upper
levels of both Versant Sud, South, and Versant Nord, North.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
1.24.19.Summit.Views.Rope.Tow.Foggy.c.jpg [ 624.42 KiB | Viewed 313 times ]

The “It Snowed” Part was on the basis of zonal, or localized
within sectors. Here is a sample:

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
1.24.19.Lowell.Thomas.Bas.Lower.All.Winter.White.b.jpg [ 492.32 KiB | Viewed 314 times ]

Quite simply, if there had been any rain, or any temp’s above zero C,
none of the snow in the trees shown above would have survived for
more than moments, but here it is, perfectly undisturbed winter snowfall,
not even touched by a single raindrop at around 2:30 P.M., as temps
were already headed back down.

On the ground, this below is exactly the way it looks underfoot, and
it’s been a great example of all-day, dry, fast, very high performance,
and all “winter” snow in the Lowell Thomas sector.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
1.24.19.Lowell.Thomas.Bas.Lower.Winter.Snow.Surface.Sample.c.jpg [ 722.85 KiB | Viewed 314 times ]

The “Spring-Like” Skiing was largely on Versant Sud, the South Side,
but it was not sticky or slushy, more spring-like because of the surface
softness. Even that softness was not full-on “Spring” though, there is
just too much frost underneath, so whatever softness caused by either
temps or rain was restricted to very shallow depths. Here is a Nansen Bas,
Lower POV. It’s hard to tell with the flat light, but this is more or less,
the point where you could sense Spring-like softness.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
1.24.19.Nansen.Bas.Spring.Like.Smooth.Fast.d.jpg [ 578.4 KiB | Viewed 312 times ]

Of course with temps dropping dramatically back to -13C overnight,
everything is going to be a lot firmer by 8:00 A.M. in the morning,
so well tuned edges are going to be essential if you want optimized

What we hear from sources we consider well informed, is that there
are 36 hours of committed, continuous Grooming that have already started.
What we think is that the snow surfaces survived extremely well due to
both the brief warm/wet exposure, and the very resilient characteristics
of the deep frost supporting the top layers of snow. Even where it rained
for almost 3 hours this morning near the Nord, North base this morning,
by after lunch, it was as if it never happened. No one that came out for
the afternoon would have ever guessed that it had rained there at all.

As Far As We Know...

The default for tomorrow is going to be Groomed Smoothness
over a “Firm” base. By the end of the day today, there was actually
very little in the way of perceptible iciness, so just maybe, it will
be similar tomorrow???

Regardless of other weather factors that are outside human control,
what Mountain Op’s can deliver is Groomed Smoothness, and that
makes anything else far easier to handle.

In the Groomed...
There is a very high probability that within 48 hours, it will be
difficult to tell that there was a warm weather burp because
most of the effects should be rendered out back to “Winter”.

In the Sous Bois, Glades, Hors Piste, Un-Groomed... it’s a
bit of a different story because where there was rain or sleet,
there is a crust that is really invisible, but as soon as you find
yourself involved with it, there’s an immediate understanding
that it is impractical. Trying to turn through a crust, even a thin
one, presents more lateral resistance than you can push through.
All you need to do to be safe is to obey Ski-Patrol posted
signage. They are monitoring all the Sous Bois and over time,
you will find those trails gradually re-opening when Ski-Patrol
certified safe.

It was a complex day for sure, but fun anyway! Tomorrow’s
already showing great recovery potential, so stay tuned,
or better yet, come see for yourself!

--------------------- 7:37 A.M. Orig. Post -----------------------

78(*) Open Trails on Versant Sud, South, and Versant Nord, North Sides at #Tremblant .

------------------- 11:15 A.M. Update ---------------------

REVISED Open Trails to 64(*)

Data Attached Below.


“Yesterday” always has some basis for
the foundation of “Today”, so thankfully,
the main ingredient there is “Snow”.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
1.23.19.Lowell.Thomas.Views.Snowfall.Over.Expo.Peak.d.jpg [ 234.98 KiB | Viewed 497 times ]

It was excellent snow, and in our opinion it made yesterday
one of the top 5 days of the season so-far. It was a super high
performance day for Experts and as big-snow days go, fairly
manageable even for Beginners. Even smoothness with all-day
durability was enhanced by very low traffic stress and there
were frequent times we waited for people to appear to give scale
to pic’s, but no one came along.

This is an important point for future mid-to-late January Trip
research planners because Tremblant offers an outstanding
value of fully opened terrain with relatively low attendance
at this time of the season. Right now, you virtually have a
“Private Club” where you can be the master of immense
Skiing or Boarding vertical descents with no lines or traffic.
This is a huge benefit for serious Skiers and Boarders who
look forward to making the most of every second out of their
hard earned vacation time.

Pic’s Above and Below:

These are two scene’s that are within 150 Metres of each other
in a direct line from above to below. In addition to the obvious
differences that wind can make to wide open trails versus the
tree-sheltered bush, this snowfall was a comparatively fine, as
in small, granular snow crystal as opposed to big, fat, fluffy flakes,
so its density is greater in the accumulation. It is this accumulating
density together with the inherent humidity of Zero C that we think
will render out very well compacted trail surfaces without much
spongy softness where it’s groomed today.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
1.23.19.Lowell.Thomas.Mid.Trail.Side.Proof.Of.Snow.b.jpg [ 541.15 KiB | Viewed 466 times ]

A theoretical concept we have for the Mountain is “Thermal Momentum”
where previous temps are capable of remaining influential beyond their
changes, either way, temps going up or down. In this case we are hoping
for the recent cold in the base and the snow on the ground to sustain
surfaces for the few hours of warmer air exposure. A very positive asset
for that potential is the close to no wind this morning. With no warm air
“Blow Dryer” effect, there is a far greater chance that the surfaces may
be somewhat resistant to any thermal influence. The wind is not forecasted
to pick up again until the next front approaches, and that eventually includes
quickly dropping temps as you can see in the forecast models below.

Even at a moment of odd weather...
here is a wonderfully positive occasion, and...

A Spotlight On Excellence And Potential.

Marie-Claude Asselin, Trail # 64, and Banzai, Trail # 65 GROOMED!

These two trails are some of our most frequent “Canaries In The Coal Mine”,
indicators of both Mountain and sector health, so having them appear
on the list with “Groomed” Icons is fantastic news that tells you the
other trail closures are only a short term strategy. The Mountain and
this Sector are in very good overall health when these beautiful trails
are groomed. You should go there today!

From Yesterday at around 2:30 P.M.
Trail # 65 Banzai, just below the mid-point
entry off the Lowell Thomas to Duncan/Devils River
Cat Track.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
1.23.19.Banzai.Snow.Good.You.Want.More.d.jpg [ 973.65 KiB | Viewed 413 times ]

Weather Notes:

Every Skier/Boarder with a few seasons of experience
has had a run-in with a “January Thaw”, but this one,
at least figuratively, is so short that if you ‘Blink”, you’ll
miss it. So-far, things could have been a lot worse.

At the time of this posting, the Summit temp is indicated
at Zero C/32F, so if the forecast drop happens earlier and/or
quicker, and/or goes lower, than forecast, we could see less
in the way of effects. If the usual elevation differential of -4 C
decided to come back, that would be more insurance, however
at this stage it’s not there yet.

Currently in the Sud, South Base adjacent village of Old Mt. T.,
there is some on-off, light, sleety/snowy, wet mixed precipitation,
but not enough to melt or wash snow off cars, so emphasis on “light”.

The “Best Case Scenario” that we can see would be the quick
return of natural snowfall in dropping temps. This could help to
compensate for even the brief warmth as a new layer of loose
topping for tonights grooming shift as well as a buffer layer
that could reduce any crusty tendencies in the Sous Bois and

1.24.19.Weather.Data.a.jpg [ 179.47 KiB | Viewed 494 times ]

Conditions Notes:

There are too many wild cards to fully predict all the possibilities
when “Zero C” is reached or breached, but... at least for a portion
of today, “Softness” is likely to be a universal characteristic.

What we are hoping for is that the residual coldness that was
in the -20 to -27 C low ranges up until about 24 hours ago, still
lurks just at or under the surface to stabilize this very brief warm
burp from Mother Nature. This would be our “Thermal Momentum”
concept from above.

There are likely to be some “Spring-Like” qualities to Ski/Board
conditions today, but we are hoping that underlaying cold in the
base is going to hold the speed.

On the Groomed Terrain, no real problems at all as the
new snowfall is going to be very well integrated due to
the highly “Packable” qualities of warmer snow, especially
when the snow crystals are so fine/small to begin with.

In the Sous Bois, Glades, Hors Piste, the warmth will
probably cause some “Settling” in the top layers that
may make bushwhacking seem heavy. The real change
in this terrain category will not be apparent until tomorrow,
so take today as unique.

In the Un-Groomed open trails, to the extent temps allow,
the softness may make today very easy, but if there’s a
rapid or lower temp happening during open hours, things
could get choppy with direct relation to quickness of temp drop.

Depending on the type or amount of airborne particulate,
vision may be an issue, but it’s warm enough that goggles-up
may be possible.

Depending on the weather and Mountain Op’s
strategic resource management, today is the kind
of day that could see the Open Trail list change,
and more than once.

Consult with Tremblant Info.Ski Crews for the latest updates.

Bottom line... be ready to adapt quickly to anything.

78(*) Open Trails on the Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions
for January 24, 2019, Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
File comment: Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca

1.24.19.Trail.Status.Data.a.jpg [ 393.82 KiB | Viewed 497 times ]

------------------- 11:15 A.M. Update ---------------------

REVISED 64(*) Open Trails on the Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions
for January 24, 2019, Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
1.24.19.Trail.Status.Data.b.jpg [ 399.68 KiB | Viewed 331 times ]

Page under Progressive assembly,
but you need to be ready for highly
variable conditions that at least are
“Warm”, so fairly easy from that point.

With so many wild-cards in the mix for
the next few hours, Apres Ski will be as
soon as we can report comprehensively
on net weather effects. With the long range
going back to solid Sub-Zero territory, there
may be a one or two day transitional
adjustment as we settle back into “Winter”.

Links and not-so-fine print:


What’s The Use? Research Benefits of this Archive: http://tinyurl.com/gp5vjps

(*) :?: Understanding Trail Counts - http://alturl.com/n54py



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The Tremblant360.com Team

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