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 Post subject: 1/27/19 #Tremblant Conditions
 Post Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 7:47 am 
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T360 Late Eve. Apres Ski Edit @ 10:07 P.M.

To begin with...
The Skiing Was Technically Excellent!...


We underestimated the effects of the strong wind
that started in the South compass point, and
rotated to the South-West compass point.

The South to South-West Compass points the wind was
flowing from meant that it was crossing the Summit from
over Soleil initially towards La Crete/Nansen, then around
noon, swinging towards the Ski Patrol H/Q.

1.27.19.Summit.Views.North.With.Sou.West.Wind.Driven.Snow.c.jpg [ 487.34 KiB | Viewed 392 times ]

At certain points, you had to use poles to push
through, into, or across it. There were times
when it “Howled”.

Throughout the day...
The Skiing Was Technically Excellent!...

Getting off the Duncan Quad was a full, frontal,
encounter with “winter”, a very interesting experience
which was not too bad if you had your outer garment
envelop well sealed up.

1.27.19.Summit.Views.Over.Lowell.Thomas.With.Sou.West.Wind.Driven.Snow.c.jpg [ 514.3 KiB | Viewed 392 times ]

There was actually some direct sunlight on
the Mountain today, not a lot, and not
for all that long, but, it was enough to

Throughout the day...
The Skiing Was Technically Excellent!...

The temps themselves were not that difficult.
The best way to understand that was to actually
stand in a safe, wind-sheltered, sunlit, trail-side
spot because once you were out of the wind,
you could actually feel heat in the rays after about
30 seconds.

1.27.19.Versant.Soleil.Algonquin.Wind.Drifted.Eges.Near.Perfect.Descent.d.jpg [ 456.9 KiB | Viewed 392 times ]

Versant Soleil “Algonquin” was only one super-fine example
of Tremblant’s Mountain Op’s excellent grooming efforts.
The wind was packing in new snow along its edges all day,
but the quality of the descent was near-perfect with
top-to-bottom, glitch free, superb carving.

Once you were below the Summit, the wind was
far more variable and you could find calm zones
without much trouble, but... they did not stay calm
for long.

Throughout the day...
The Skiing Was Technically Excellent!...

Riding up the Soleil Quad was actually easy all
afternoon with the wind at your back and the
speed of the chair offsetting the following wind

In The Mean-Time...
Over on Versant Nord, The North Side...

The wind was driving the snow over the Summit
where it was back-filling into the quiet North, Lee-Side
topographical contours below the Peak.

1.28.19.Lowell.Thomas.Mid.Sector.Le.Tunnel.Trail.Side.Proof.Of.Snow.b.jpg [ 899.96 KiB | Viewed 383 times ]

Right up to “Last Run”...
The Skiing Was Technically Excellent!...

Regarding Tomorrow:

1.28.19.Weather.Data.b.jpg [ 132.04 KiB | Viewed 383 times ]

O.K., so it’s going to be cool, but...
We are not alone as half the Continent is
going to be cool too, and besides which...

Throughout the day tomorrow...
The Skiing Should Be Technically Excellent!...

------------------- 7:47 A.M. Orig. Post ----------------------

102/102(*) Open Trails on the 100% Winter Slopes of #Tremblant .

All This, Plus More Snow And Warmer.

A Phenomenal Level Of Pre-Existing Base(Samples Below),
Combined With More Overnight Snow And Easier Temperatures
Makes For Tremendous Potential Today.

1.26.19 Versant Sud, South Side Summit Sector McCulloch, Kandahar and Taschereau.
1.26.19.Old.Mt.T.Village.Hillside.Views.Mt.T.Sunny.Cool.White.Winter.Sud.South.Summit.Sectors.d.jpg [ 589.69 KiB | Viewed 588 times ]

The quality of the base is obvious in these above and below shots
from yesterday. Wall-to-wall groomed smoothness is the hallmark
of the current Tremblant experience. Real “Winter”, combined with
this exceptional level of preparation delivers truly superior Skiing
that any well conditioned individual can easily rack up 20,000 or more
Vertical Feet Per Day.

All This, Plus More Snow, Warmer And One More Open Trail.

1.26.19 Versant Sud, South Side Summit Sector Erik Guay, Zig-Zag, and Vertige.
1.26.19.Old.Mt.T.Village.Hillside.Views.Mt.T.Sunny.Cool.White.Winter.Sud.South.Summit.Sectors.f.jpg [ 687.5 KiB | Viewed 580 times ]

There was only 1 trail missing from 100% Open yesterday,
and today it’s back on the list, pictured above as the trail
that’s on the right side of the 3 Versant Sud, South Side
Summit Sector Trails shown here. Left to Right they are
Trail # 12, “Erik Guay”, Trail # 14, “Zig-Zag”, and Trail # 15,
“Vertige”. As you can see, both Erik Guay and Zig-Zag are
groomed, although Zig-Zag is shown on the Official data as
an un-groomed mogul run. Technically, # 15, Vertige, is
listed as “Progressive” opening, so the Ski-Patrol should be
taking the ropes off soon.

Otherwise, what we think you’ll find today, and for the
foreseeable future is an escalating period of Pure Winter
Refinement on the groomed trail network that should
easily take us into the realm of “Average Is EXCELLENT!!!”.

When Tremblant gets to this point in the season,
“Average” is indeed “Excellent”. There’s no other way
to put it that sums up the Top-To-Bottom, Wall-To-Wall,
universal degree of complete Snow White Winter Magic!

All This, Plus More Snow And Warmer.

This is from 40 hours ago on Versant Sud, South Side Trail # 18, McCulloch.

It will be all of this PLUS MORE SNOW.

1.25.19.TGV.Quad.Views.McCulloch.Summit.Pitch.Shred.Performance.Sample.c.jpg [ 645.19 KiB | Viewed 561 times ]

Weather Notes:

Snowing Like “Crazy” At Tremblant Right Now!!!

So, today, snowy and relatively easy,
notwithstanding the West/Sou-west windy...
Tomorrow sunny and cool...
with another dip in the temp’s
and a legitimate "Bundle Up” alert.

1.27.19.Weather.Data.a.jpg [ 166.64 KiB | Viewed 562 times ]

Conditions Notes:

The Official data @298 cm's does not record a measured
amount of overnight snowfall, however there is a good coating
of white this morning.

What we want to draw attention to is that with todays
“Snowing Like Crazy” addition to the previous Year-to-date
accumulations, Tremblant should easily exceed the 300cm’s
Milestone of total natural snowfall today.

This is definitely what we would call “The Fullness Of Seasonal
Maturity”. The Mountain is fully, 100% Open, there’s tons of
snow in a very well established base, more snow falling at this
very moment, and great prospects for loads more, so...

Conditions Are All Great At Tremblant!

“Go Anywhere, Do Anything” Excellence Across The Entire Mountain!!!

102(*) Open Trails on the Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions
for January 27, 2019, Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
File comment: Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca

1.27.19.Trail.Status.Data.a.jpg [ 364.66 KiB | Viewed 587 times ]

Hope to see you on the slopes today, but if
you’re reading this from far away, relax,
Tremblant is in Great Shape and will only
be getting better!

Links and not-so-fine print:


What’s The Use? Research Benefits of this Archive: http://tinyurl.com/gp5vjps

(*) :?: Understanding Trail Counts - http://alturl.com/n54py



http://translate.google.com/translate_t ... =fr&tl=en#


Forum Index: http://alturl.com/r4cco

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want to research days/weeks/months to visit, you can sample what
they look like historically, month by month, year by year.

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consecutive date.)


The Tremblant360.com Team

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