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 Post subject: 4/5/19 #Tremblant Conditions
 Post Posted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 8:40 am 
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T360 Midnight Apres Ski Edit.

Was Friday April 5, 2019, the last really “Winter” day of this
Ski season?

We hope not, but if it was, it was a spectacular way to finally
move forward towards the inevitable change of season that
will be just as much fun in it’s own right.

The Whole Mountain Is In Great Shape!

These are only examples of the quality to be found,
virtually everywhere.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.5.19.Duncan.Quad.Views.Duncan.Summit.Pitch.Over.Expo.Peak.d.jpg [ 534.04 KiB | Viewed 464 times ]

Above and Below: Duncan continues to benefit from
the re-configuration of the Summit pitch being groomed
over the entire width including the old top portion of
Saute-Moutons. We have observed a steady use of the
entire width by high performance carvers who have
been widening their traverses to utilize wall-to-wall
evenly smooth surfaces to then zing out to either
lower Duncan or down Devils River.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.5.19.Duncan.Quad.Views.Duncan.Summit.Pitch.Snow.Surface.Performance.Observations.c.jpg [ 600.41 KiB | Viewed 464 times ]

Any Time Is Great Time To Take
Refuge At Tremblant!

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.5.19.Soleil.Quad.Views.Refuge.Over.Laurentienne.b.jpg [ 309.72 KiB | Viewed 464 times ]

We’ve been doing a daily monitoring of Versant Soleil
Algonquin for several weeks in order to evaluate the
durable quality of its groomed surface and we would
have to say that this is the longest, best refined, sustained
level of excellence it has enjoyed since it was constructed
back around 2010. We think this trail very under-rated
by the Skiing public, but with this quality, we’ve observed
a steady increase in the number of Skiers we see using
Algonquin, even within the last couple of weeks.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.5.19.Versant.Soleil.Algonquin.Near.Flawless.Sweet.Carving.Performance.c.jpg [ 536.51 KiB | Viewed 464 times ]


The Sud, South, Resort Base is forecast to go from
-1 C, to + 7 C during the day, so that could mean
big differences as softening gets going under the
warmer, sunny periods.

Moderate, but occasionally gusty breezes, so
at least easy when combined with the warm temp’s.

The frost is still fully securing the entire thickness of
compacted base strata, and we do not see that support
going anywhere yet. Ski poles stabbed into the surfaces
at Nord, North base for example, bounce right off the firm
substrates, even at last run today. There are mostly Sub-Zero C’s
for overnights, so at cooler Mountain Elevations we see this base
durability going on for some weeks yet.

--------------------- 8:40 A.M. Orig. Post -------------------------

92(*) Open Trails on the Kkkool For April Slopes of Wintery #Tremblant .

There Are Extraordinarily Fine Winter Conditions
For Any Historic Metrics Of “April”, So...

You Should Be Racing Over To Tremblant Right Now.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.4.19.McCulloch.Summit.Pitch.Performance.Conditions.Observations.e.jpg [ 529.43 KiB | Viewed 634 times ]

The performance would be considered excellent no matter
what winter month you might call it, but the point is, it’s
supposed to be “April”, and evidently, Mother Nature is
either not aware, or doesn’t care to let go of her grip on
winter just yet.

Fine with us!

You Get To Do This In Full-on Winter Mode All Day, Again!!!

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.4.19.McCulloch.Summit.Pitch.Performance.Conditions.Observations.h.jpg [ 869.04 KiB | Viewed 634 times ]

All you need for optimal mechanical advantage are
good, fresh, sharp edges. Period. No matter what
Skis or Board you’ve got, the only way to get 100%
of the performance potential is to have an “Edge” on
the Conditions. Period.

This is a critical point because there is so much grip
over the firm substrates that are mostly just Super-Dense,
very highly compacted SNOW, that if you don’t have the
edge, you’ll think it’s quite icy, But That’s Wrong...

There’s a very big difference between Super-Dense,
solidly packed and groomed snow, and Ice. If you
hear people complaining about “Icy”, we’d say there’s
about a 99% chance they can’t even remember when they had
their skis of board tuned up, AND/OR, they are on Terrain that
requires Skills above what they have, and those loud kind of
lift-line people are very quick to blame conditions when the reality
is they do not have the abilities to properly handle the trail
they just bombed.

If you have Tuned Gear, and select Terrain matched
to your actual Skill Level, You Will Have An Excellent Day!

Need Bumps?

The traffic is so light that at 2:30 P.M., there are still
untracked powder-laced bump-lines under the Expo Quad.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.4.19.Expoi.Quad.Views.Expo.Pitch.And.Under.Lift.Untracked.Bump.Lines.b.jpg [ 508.99 KiB | Viewed 608 times ]

Weather Notes:

It’s another near-miracle of extended late winter,
starting with...

It’s -16 C Early This Morning @7:15(rising to +3C)...

Does Anybody Know Where “April” Is ???

It’s been said before... “Tomorrow”, or even “This Afternoon”,
but so far each time we’re supposed to get the warmth, it just
has not arrived. With the forecast showing +8 C 30 hours from
now, there is a very high probability that tomorrow might actually
be a real April kind of day.

4.5.19.Weather.Data.a.jpg [ 165.42 KiB | Viewed 634 times ]

Conditions Notes:

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.4.19.TGV.Quad.Views.Over.McCulloch.Summit.Pitch.Lac.T.b.jpg [ 529.59 KiB | Viewed 608 times ]

There is an almost seamless blending of surfaces between all
skill levels of Groomed terrain. It’s very very cool to experience
this kind of near-flawless connection virtually where-ever you
travel. We’ve attempted to describe it by saying that the groomed
trails seem like they are paved with velvet, which is as close as we
can get to an analogy that makes sense. There’s been enough cool,
blended with just a touch of warmth, that surface density has improved
just below the point of thaw that would generate really big icy zones.
The daily grooming cycles have been more than adequate to create
very good traction for top layers, and even where the base may get
exposed, the super-dense snow still has unexpectedly good grip as
long as you have the edge on it.

In the Sous Bois, Glades, Hors Piste and Un-groomed, it’s a bit
more of an a’ la Carte scenario because of localized crusty bits
or traffic focused wear, however, the overwhelming factor there
is that with 588 cm’s over the season, there are many, many
Sous Bois zones that have a level of retained fill-in that are
keeping them flush or above, to the adjacent groomed trails.

This is a very special moment in this seasons progression,
for all Skill Levels over the entire array of Open Terrain,
and we sincerely hope you can make it out.

92(*)Open Trails on the Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions
for April 5, 2019, Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
File comment: Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca

4.5.19.Trail.Status.Data.a.jpg [ 353.97 KiB | Viewed 634 times ]

For Optimized Performance, Goto:

Le Ski Shop,

Chalet des Voyageurs, Cabriolet Base, P-1 Level.

File comment: Ski Shop Menu Photo Copy Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
3.29.19.Ski.Shop.Menu.a.jpg [ 462.55 KiB | Viewed 608 times ]

Links and not-so-fine print:


What’s The Use? Research Benefits of this Archive: http://tinyurl.com/gp5vjps

(*) :?: Understanding Trail Counts - http://alturl.com/n54py



http://translate.google.com/translate_t ... =fr&tl=en#


Forum Index: http://alturl.com/r4cco

:) Bring Back The Memories... :arrow: Research Future Visits...
If you would like to look up dates you visited Tremblant, or you
want to research days/weeks/months to visit, you can sample what
they look like historically, month by month, year by year.

GoTo: Archive, Search Reports by Date: Index: http://tinyurl.com/yktelmu

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consecutive date.)


The Tremblant360.com Team

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