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 Post subject: 4/13/19 #Tremblant Conditions
 Post Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 7:59 am 
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T360 Prime Time Apres Ski Edit, Under Construct @ 9:33 P.M.

Without A Shadow Of Doubt,

Mother Nature ”Spanked" Old Man Winter Firmly
With +13C, Hot ’N Windy, “Spring” Today...

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.13.19.Lac.T.Views.Mt.T.Sunny.Warm.Weather.Observations.c.jpg [ 955.77 KiB | Viewed 573 times ]

In the original post below, we forecast that this afternoon
was going to be “Way, Way Soft.” That was very accurate.
Not necessarily just because of the air temperature either.
It was more like a combination of the air temp, PLUS...
the wind... Think of it like a Blowdryer pointed at an ice cube.

The frost in the substrates was working hard to try to maintain
shallow thaw, and that did happen til shortly after noon.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.13.19.Duncan.Quad.Telephoto.View.To.Expo.Sector.Bumpy.Peak.e.jpg [ 614.12 KiB | Viewed 573 times ]

If there’s no doubt Spring has arrived,
it is also very likely that within the remaining
days of the season, the “Open Trail List” can
change during the course of the day, and from
day to day.

“For Best Results”... you need to consult with
the Tremblant Info.Ski Crews in attendance
at the Summit for the latest updates on not
only what Trails are Open, but just as importantly
where you can go to match your skill level
to terrain that may be changing with the
dynamic forces of Spring being so active.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.13.19.Summit.Info.Ski.Crew.For.Best.Results.d.jpg [ 509.02 KiB | Viewed 573 times ]

At The End Of The Day...

Back in “Yourtown”...
The Snow May Be Melting, The Grass May Be Showing Through,
The Golf Course is hosting Open House, There Are Motorcycles
On The Road...

But At Tremblant...

(If we only put one picture in this whole page,
this might be the one that tells you all you need to know...)

T360 April 13, 2019, “Proof Of Snow”:

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.13.19.Ptit.Bonheur.Trail.Side.Proof.Of.Snow.d.jpg [ 591.71 KiB | Viewed 573 times ]

So far... the coverage is still close to flawless, but it’s
going to start changing soon, so you know what to do...

Go as soon as you can...

-------------------- 7:59 A.M. Orig. Post ---------------------

93(*) Open Trails on Sud, South, Nord, North and Soleil Sectors at #Tremblant .

Easy Spring Conditions That Make You Look Good!

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.12.19.McCulloch.Summit.Pitch.Easy.Shred.Conditions.d.jpg [ 750.08 KiB | Viewed 756 times ]

Regardless of Skill Level, the level of refined versatility
throughout the Groomed trail array is remarkable for any
April 13 in history. Above, this sample from McCulloch’s
Summit pitch gives you a good look at the shred characteristics
of the snow under skis that is soft enough to be easily displaced,
and yield excellent lateral grip, but still supported by the very solid
base that is preventing deep ruts or mogul formations.

In this Nansen sample below you can see a Ski Instructor
guiding someone who may never have been on Skis before
today, while we had just laid down the easy cruising G.S.
style turns you can see in the foreground Carving tracks.

Everyone at Tremblant is having fun on shared space that’s
got acres of room to spare, from Beginners and up.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.12.19.Nansen.Haut.Upper.Multi.Purpose.Super.Easy.Excellence.c.jpg [ 686.59 KiB | Viewed 735 times ]

Experts have been enjoying months of these immaculate
groomed steep descents like Nord, North Side Rigodon, below,
and all the warmth of yesterday simply increased the ability to
utilize extreme angles of edge inclination throughout all phases
of turning. You could see the really skilled Carvers with their
extended hand reach, grazing the snow on every turn and very
obviously holding tremendous lateral energy. We can
tell you for a fact that the workout values are of the highest
order possible, and it’s not hard to reach personal muscle
limitations on every descent if you want to explore your own
fitness capability.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.12.19.Lowell.T.Base.Views.Rigodon.Bas.Lower.Pitch.Superb.Snow.c.jpg [ 573.47 KiB | Viewed 734 times ]

The ability to safely execute Expert Level Carving is
frequently facilitated by Green or Blue Terrain where
the pitch angles are not overwhelmed by gravity and
this P’tit Bonheur example below illustrates that perfectly.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.12.19.Ptit.Bonheur.Technical.Carving.Excellence.Observations.f.jpg [ 513.35 KiB | Viewed 725 times ]

The speeds here are not crazy, they might even be slow by
some standards, but the edge hold to maintain these
flawless arch’s of 100% reliable grip can generate lateral
turning force of over 1G even when lower speeds are contained
within such short radius. This is addictive fun and for the laps we
did on this near-flawless trail, we do not recall having seen
another person using this slope for the entire time.

Of Course...
Yesterday being a mid-April weekday, the traffic is naturally
light, so for today that traffic scenario may be different, and
therefore requiring safety regulated slower speeds if/when
others are present, but we think the trail quality here will be
exactly the same.

Yesterday was just full of really wonderful surprises,
it was supposed to rain, it was sunny, it was supposed to be
warm, but it was not warm enough to get mushy, and then
there were some individual, unique, trail surprises too, like
this sample below.

Tremblant Gem du Jour:

Trail # 67, Versant Nord, the North Side, Lowell Thomas.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.12.19.Lowell.Thomas.Bas.Lower.Natural.Half.Pipe.Fun.c.jpg [ 501.88 KiB | Viewed 723 times ]

Above and Below:

Lowell Thomas Bas, Lower, was maybe the most fun it’s been
in 10 years??? We don’t know on the time for sure, but we do
know absolutely on the fun factor and Lowell Thomas Bas, Lower
has evolved through continuous natural snow fill-in and grooming,
to generate a sort-of natural Half-pipe effect. So, with some speed
from the pitch at the La Traverse/Rigodon upper plateau, what
you discovered was that you could carve out to the alternating sides
of Lower T, Bas, Lower, within the banked sides that were very well
favoured by the rolling descent contours for some really thrilling
high speed Carving.

The camera does not capture the full perspective of it’s
3-dimensional longitudinal progression, but the reality
was super-fast-fun like you were on some sort of Ski-Carving
Luge Track, and as the afternoon went on you could see more
Experts were discovering this gem du Jour.

File comment: www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
4.12.19.Lowell.Thomas.Bas.Lower.Natural.Half.Pipe.Fun.e.jpg [ 875.09 KiB | Viewed 723 times ]

Lowell Thomas Bas, Lower(as well as Lowell Thomas Haut, Upper),
has been groomed to near-perfection, right down to the chute
that it exits onto Gagnon, so when you came down the final few
metres to the final lip of the chute, you felt as though you’d
just been tossed off the end of a roller-coaster! Fantastic!!!

We suspect it may be exactly the same today, in which case
it will have one other major asset... Lowell T. Bas is almost
completely shaded from the most intense afternoon sun,
and for that reason, it may be one of the very best performance
surfaces today in addition to its current fun factor!

This Lowell Thomas Bas, Lower sample is only one
potential Sweet Spot you’ll be able to find today.
Your mission is to find the ones that suit your style,
so go now if you can!

Weather Notes:

Sunny And Hot! Great for the Summit BBQ Party, but
it may render the afternoon into very soft skiing territory.
Don’t forget sunscreen. The magnification of solar
energy by such large reflective white trail surfaces
can give you a good burn if you are not careful.
Your nose probably won’t fall off, but it sure will
be red if you don’t give it protection today.

4.13.19.Weather.Data.a.jpg [ 167.49 KiB | Viewed 756 times ]

Conditions Notes:

Morning Firm... Afternoon Way, Way, Soft.

For Best Results... Wax or Coat Ski/Board Bases with
“Warm” temp range Hydrophobic material, otherwise,
things could get a wee bit sticky.

The clue to afternoon fun is “Shade”, so look for some
of those Nord, North side sun-sheltered sides if you
want to keep the cool speed.

93(*)Open Trails on the Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions
for April 13, 2019, Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
File comment: Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca

4.13.19.Trail.Status.Data.a.jpg [ 345.01 KiB | Viewed 756 times ]

More following at Apres Ski,
but we hope you already know
all this because you’ve been here
Skiing it yourself!

Links and not-so-fine print:


What’s The Use? Research Benefits of this Archive: http://tinyurl.com/gp5vjps

(*) :?: Understanding Trail Counts - http://alturl.com/n54py



http://translate.google.com/translate_t ... =fr&tl=en#


Forum Index: http://alturl.com/r4cco

:) Bring Back The Memories... :arrow: Research Future Visits...
If you would like to look up dates you visited Tremblant, or you
want to research days/weeks/months to visit, you can sample what
they look like historically, month by month, year by year.

GoTo: Archive, Search Reports by Date: Index: http://tinyurl.com/yktelmu

When reviewing dates from any of the past, numbered, archived pages,
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( :idea: If you "Bookmark" the link above, it will always take you to the
First index page with the latest posts. That gives you an immediate,
current to 25 day past, review scroll of Winter Alpine Conditions by
consecutive date.)


The Tremblant360.com Team

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