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 Post subject: Conditions Fri 12/19/08
 Post Posted: Fri Dec 19, 2008 9:23 am 
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Editors Note of Historical Reference:

If you are here looking at this post because you selected/scrolled to
the first entry in the Tremblant360 Winter Alpine Conditions Archive:

Please be advised that the form and composition of content within
the daily postings changed in an evolutionary way as the author
gained experience with the capabilities of the forum, plus what and
how to add supplementary material/attachments/photography(**).

Consequently, initial postings vary considerably from later entries.

Within the context of conditions du jour, these early postings of
primarily text only, still represent useful records for the study of
the range of conditions that may be experienced at Tremblant for
any given day(s)/date(s) when comparing all different years.

Please Also Note: Archival/Statistical Official Open Trail, Lift, Weather
and other data is recorded in raw form within the “Daily Conditions Forecast”
Forum Category of the original “Tremblant Chat”, which is also Date Indexed
and continues to directly correspond to this record, date for date, as both a
back-up and additional detail source for historical research.

Here is a link to the Raw Data for this date at the above location:

http://tremblantchat.proboards.com/thre ... i-12-19-08

(**)For Example: Our own photos began in Reports of Jan. 2010,
and our first wallpaper size pic’s appeared on 1/28/10.

-------------- End of Historical Reference Note --- Original Post Below ---------------

Cool, Crisp and Clear.

The open trail count is climbing back up and at 58 this A.M.

More important though, is that grooming is finally starting to catch up with the conditions and the surface quality is going up every day.

There was very good grip all over the Mountain yesterday, and today will be even better.

Snow making continues on EXPO which is a good sign that it will be open for the weekend.

There are still some small reserves of powder on the edges of the narrower runs and as usual, the edges of all runs keep their traction for just about all day because traffic tends to put the most wear on the middle of things.

Lowell Thomas Upper, next to Duncan is a good example.

If you can, it is a very good skill in these conditions to be able to make lots of small turns on the sides to control speed and avoid slick areas.

Generally, the skiing is excellent when you keep in mind that it is still early in the season and we are still working with early season base. Use caution when entering and exiting runs as beginners will need room to manuver around natural features.

Speed is very easy with these cold, crisp temps, so use caution there too, it is very easy to be going super fast, almost before you know it, so Please remember the Mountain code and be prepared to navigate safely around those below you.

Temps @ -22C, rising to about -15C means that you will need to BUNDLE UP !

The wind will be from the west, or coming up Tashareau from the Soleil side, and even though it is forecast to be light, we all know that it can be quite gusty at the summit.


Watch out for others that have exposed skin and let them know if you observe any white patches of frozen skin. Noses and Cheeks that are open to the cold will freeze in as little as 4 to 7 minutes, depending on your "air speed" as you cruise down the mountain.

Today will be EXCELLENT skiing if you are propery prepared, so get out and enjoy!



What’s The Use? Research Benefits of this Archive: http://tinyurl.com/gp5vjps


The Tremblant360.com Team

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