Life on “The Edge” at Tremblant

Life on “The Edge” at Tremblant

The Edge. Or as many of you see it, that ominous looking summit neighboring Tremblant’s North Side, shrouded in snow squalls, from which only the most hardened individuals make it out alive. I once heard an extreme skier traversing its slopes broke both his ears, nose and poles, but somehow still managed to escape it’s clutches by surviving on tree bark for weeks. Alright, so I made all that up… but with a name like “The Edge“, it’s not to difficult to imagine why people tend to entertain such notions.

In actuality, The Edge is a wonderful place to ski or snowboard and among other things, contains some of the best glade runs Tremblant has to offer! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, “glades” are playful runs that meander through the tree line, where the number of trees have been thinned out to allow for ample navigation. You’ll often see kids and their families having fun exploring these runs, because choosing which path to take through the trees is a bit like choosing your own adventure.

Looking at Tremblant’s trail map, The Edge can be a little intimidating to an occasional skier or snowboarder, particularly with all the black diamonds surrounding its peak. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re a seasoned expert then a run like “Tension” (double black) will present an interesting challenge.

However, “Action” (despite being labeled as a single black) is also well suited to intermediates. The black diamond designation on Action is there more or less to advise you to exercise a little more control on the top third of the run, which turns into what feels more like a blue run mid-way, and eventually green over the last third. But If you’re still not convinced after a ride up the chair, you always have the option of taking a green run called Bon Vivant directly from the top over towards another green run called Nansen on the South Side, which will take you safely back to the Resort Village (you can also read a more detailed trail review of Nansen by clicking here!).

If you’re into glades, The Edge is definitely the right place to be, but you’ll often find lots of powder stashed away between the trees too. We’d recommend Emotion to experts looking for steeper terrain,  and Sensation-Bas (pictured above) for intermediates who enjoy a more playful experience. Be sure to mix it up a bit and have fun exploring different lines!

We’ve also noticed an interesting phenomenon over the years at The Edge. When the majority of the mountain is windy, the ride up the chair lift at The Edge seems to be sheltered and calm. I’ve often found refuge from the wind there, and might suggest taking the kids over to The Edge next time you find it a bit nippy elsewhere.

Because The Edge is only accessible from a single trail just below the Lowell Thomas Chair, you’ll also enjoy relatively shorter lift lines. From Tremblant’s main summit, you can get there by taking any of the North Side runs that arrive at the bottom of the Lowell Thomas Chair, then going a little further down Beauchemin (green) until you come across a sign pointing towards The Edge (immediately to your left as you’re heading down), along a green run called Letendre.

So the next time you’re at Tremblant, venture over to The Edge and have a look for yourself. Have fun exploring… and then wow your friends afterwards with tall tales of how you escaped it clutches!

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