Tremblant, Ski Magazine Number 1, East, 2012

Tremblant, Ski Magazine Number 1, East, 2012

“Tremblant Skis Off With Top Honors Again…” For 15 years running, Tremblant comes in at Number 1 in Ski Magazine’s Reader Survey Eastern Resort Guide for 2012. Of course, this comes as no surprise to those of us here at Tremblant360, but then again, we’re partial!

Taking first place over Eastern North Americas biggest and best such as Stowe, Whiteface/Lake Placid, Stratton and Killigton is no easy feat at the best of times, but Tremblant’s ability to remain solidly on top in the number 1 position for 15 years in a row is nothing short of both remarkable and a testament to the quality of the overall Resort experience.

Year after year, Tremblant continues to deliver a balance of fine accommodations, food  and  Mountain conditions that consumers find an irresistible combination.

Ski Magazine’s Reader Resort Survey covers 20 different categories and in arguably the most important one, “Overall Satisfaction”, Tremblant comes out ahead of all the other “Major” resorts. We say “Major” because there are 3 smaller ski areas ahead on that list, but they are nowhere near the size and scope of Tremblant or the other big resorts listed, which is an important distinction for those seeking the kind of amenities that can only come with the bigger developments.


Similarly, and in a category we really like because we’re “Front Side Carvers” and we just love to rip off thousands of turns every day, there are only 2 of the major’s listed in the top 10 under “Grooming” and you guessed it, Tremblant is right up there. Anyone that’s skied the big areas will know exactly why… the highly skilled members of the Tremblant Mountain Operations crews are just about the peak of perfection when it comes to covering hundreds of acres every night with some of the finest corduroy you’ll ever carve an edge on.

Be sure to check out this Special Edition “Ski” Resort Survey issue, available right now, where ever magazines are sold. We found our copy in Canada at a local “Chapters” book store and we were thrilled to find this great feature that confirms what we’ve known all along… Tremblant Rules!

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