Wake Up World! Tremblant T66 Discount Pass Goes Global!

Wake Up World! Tremblant T66 Discount Pass Goes Global!

Besides most of the local gang who already know about this…

Hello England!       Hello Toronto!

Hello Boston, New York and Pittsburgh!

Hey Maritimes, Hong Kong, California, and you too Florida!

You Can All Buy The Tremblant T66 Ski/Board Bargain Of The Decade!

Unless you buy a full-out seasons pass, Tremblant’s brilliant T66 discount pass is the only way to go if there’s any way you can be at Tremblant for either multi one day visits, or, more than one, multi-day visits. So, if you can get the days, don’t even think about it, just move as quickly as you can on this.


Essentially, If you’re on a budget, You can’t afford to Ski or board anywhere else but Tremblant with this wonderful program.

Honest to Goodness, this “no brainer”, “too easy” bundle of 66 days for one low price is the absolute Ski/Board bargain of the decade. Period.

Are we repeating ourselves? You Bet! This point needs to be well made, and just like school, you may need to hear it more than once to get it into your conscious to a level that at the very least, compels you to thoroughly examine the economies of scale that can literally and very positively effect the days you can ski or board in a season.

There’s only one way to asses this opportunity, and that means performing the homework necessary to analyze the numbers, and consequently, the benefits…

We do the math…

For purposes of this exercise, we’re going to use the price for the 2011/12 winter season, but of course, you can apply the arithmetic to any future numbers in this exact way to build a precise costing model.

Firstly, for a mere $269.00 Advance Purchase valid up to the end of October(*), you are buying a “Bundle” of 66 days for the season that you now “Own”, and you can Ski or Board from 1 to all 66 days for that same price. Tremblant.ca chooses the dates well in advance and publishes them in a calendar format(sample attached below).

We called Tremblant.ca’s Customer Service 1-800 number to get the total including all applicable fees and taxes which takes us up to $312.58. So, if you could use all 66 days, your cost per day would be $312.58, divided  by 66 = $4.74!

So then, tell us where you can Ski or Board the quality and scope of Tremblant for as low as $4.74 per day?

Of course, it’s not likely that there will be many that can organize their time well enough to get all 66 days, but if you live within the region locally, with a little effort put into planning there’s no reason you probably couldn’t get 10, 15, 20 or more days. Typically there are about 16 weekend days and the T66 Calendar is published around the end of September, or beginning of October, each season.

With up to 7 months of advanced notice, from October to April, if you’re a Ski or Board freak on a budget, you should have plenty of time to organize your days at Tremblant.

So then, back to the math… Using our total, all-in cost, including fees and taxes @$312.58, lets divide that by an easy 10 to come out at a very affordable cost per day of $31.26, and you’ve got 7 months to figure out which 10 days you can get yourself to Tremblant for.

If you extend this mathematical model out to 15 days, the cost per day comes down to $20.84, extended further to 20 days, $312.58 divide by 20 = $15.63 per day!

In addition, the T66 entitles you to 40% off on non T66 Mondays through Thursdays, 25% off on non T66 Fridays and Sundays, and 5% off non T66 Saturdays. In this way, it is possible to plan a very inexpensive week at Tremblant by connecting T66 days with highly discounted fill-ins.

Another super convenient feature of the T66 is the “Direct To Lift” option. By purchasing with a credit card and attaching the card to your T66 pass, on the days you decide to Ski/Board that are non T66, all you have to do is go directly to the lift and get on… No ticket booth… no line-up… and no waiting, proceed straight to Skiing or Boarding. The discounted price for your lift ticket is automatically charged the attached card when your pass is scanned as you board any lift to ride up.

Psychologically speaking, by paying up front for this bundle, you will be far more motivated to get out because you already “own” all/any T66 day(s), so you don’t have to take money out of your pocket to take advantage of them. Another way to “think” of it, is that if you divided the cost of a regular lift ticket into the T66 total,  you “break even” at aprox. 3, 1/2 days, so everything after that is “free”.

As a family of 4, we bought the T66 passes right from the first season they were available all those many seasons ago, and with meticulous, careful planning to co-ordinate weekends, vacation days (we even pulled the kids out of school occasionally to make up a family vacation week or long weekend) in our best season, we managed to get just over 30 days with a cost per day of about $8.00 bucks!

Bottom line on this is that the T66 made it possible for our family to have a real ski season with several multi-day visits and a family Ski-week , when otherwise, we could not have afforded it.

Not everyone that loves to Ski or Board is rich, it’s that simple, and the T66 can make all the difference because now you can afford to re-allocate funds to pay for Ski-Swap equipment for rapidly growing kids, transportation, accommodations, food and all the other things you can think of that you need to get yourself or your family on the Mountain.

This is why we say the Tremblant.ca T66 is a “Gift” for skiers and boarders on a budget.

Thanks Tremblant For Keeping This Valuable Program Running!

Sample T66 Calendar attached below, Courtesy of Tremblant.ca


(*Please note: At the the first of November the Advance Discount ends and the price goes up to $349.00, plus fees and taxes)



 Tremblant.ca T66

Tremblant.ca T66 En Francais


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