Toronto Ski Show, Ontario Tremblant Fans Fall Tradition.

Toronto Ski Show, Ontario Tremblant Fans Fall Tradition.


Some of the best parts of Tradition are the pleasant associations with all the activity that go together with whatever occasion the Tradition is applicable to. So, when it comes to the start of each new Ski Season, the Toronto Ski Show automatically qualifies for us as one of the first really big Traditions in the countdown to Opening Day at Tremblant.

The annual Toronto Ski, Snowboard Show is a decades old Tradition with many provincial wide Ontarian’s who are anxious to see whats going on with all the various sectors of the Ski and Snowboard industry. There is highlighted interest in Ski Areas including all the major Canadian resorts from coast to coast, the East Coast regional areas as well as all the local Ontario hills, all in pursuit of plans to Ski or Board this coming season .

Naturally, as dedicated Tremblant Fans, we’ve always been drawn to the Tremblant Booth to see what all the latest deals, packages and promotions are being offered for the annual Family Ski Week adventure. Over the years, particularly as we’ve gotten to know many of the folks on the Tremblant Team, it’s been good to see those friendly, familiar faces that we recognize from the Mountain.

Besides the personal preference we have for Tremblant as the finest of Technical Alpine Environments for all Ski/Board skill levels, it remains the closest significant Ski Resort available to Ontario residents and as such, is popular to many simply because you can drive to it within an easy day from just about anywhere east of Windsor, or half day from east of Toronto. Tremblant’s staff fully understand the enthusiasm that their Ontario Fan Base regard the Mountain with, so they are always ready willing and able to provide the best possible information with the Customer Service team on hand.



Late Breaking Tremblant News: Ski Magazine Reader Survey Awards Tremblant #1 Eastern Ski Resort For 2013. That’s 16 Years Running!

Congratulations Tremblant!

Top Efforts Get Top Results!!!


The Toronto Ski Show has become recognized as probably the largest single Ski and Board gear retail clearance sale event in Canada and it’s very easy to spend multiple hours sorting through an almost endless range of Skis, Boards, Goggles, All garment layers from in to out, all at prices you may only see on this one annual occasion.






There’s a certain dynamic to the retail efforts folks make as you can see by the hand made discount sign shown here at this Board shop. It’s not uncommon to see gear that’s one or two seasons old from skis/boards to garment’s with two or three prices stroked out and new discounts hand written as the prices come down. Over the years we’ve heard it very simply expressed by retailers as “It costs me money to pack it up and take it home, so why not mark it down and let customers take it all home”.  We like that!








We Love The Ski Patrol Benefit Ski/Board Swap At The Toronto Ski Show!

Anyone who has had a family with rapidly growing little skiers, i.e., “Kids”, has most likely benefited from the access to what might arguably be the largest single concentration of second-hand jr. gear assembled in the Country at the Ski Patrol Fundraiser Ski Swap.

Anyone who likes to own more than a single pair of skis, or wants to trade skis, boots, poles, or just wants to either start or get back into the sport on a budget, will also acknowledge the huge advantage that this immense collection of Ski Swap gear offers in selection, price range and immediate, take-it-home-with-you convenience.

Of course the swap’s not just for skis anymore and the rows and rows of Boards and all related gear are ample evidence of the continued popularity of the “Other” Alpine Sport.








Getting back to our favourite place…. while many from East of Toronto are easily able to drive to Tremblant within 2 to 4 hours, there’s an exciting option for those who either live right downtown, core Toronto, or maybe west of the city and would prefer quicker access and/or less driving, that’s quickly becoming more popular… flying. You can get on a plane right downtown at the Island Airport and go straight to Tremblant, no fuss whatsoever. Consult your Ski Travel Agent, Porter Airlines and  for all the details you’ll need to evaluate this fabulously handy and literally door-to-door service.

The Bottom Line On the Toronto Ski/Board/Snow Show is that it continues to be one of the best ways to get into the spirit of the upcoming season, not to mention it’s value as a central resource for just about anything you’ll need to put you and your family or friends on the Summit of Tremblant. The finest of Winter Traditions all the way around, year after year!

The Toronto Ski, Snowboard and Travel Show is produced by Canadian National Sportsmen’s Shows(CNSS), a non-profit  enterprise that is the largest producer of boat, fishing, sportsmen’s, ski, outdoor and motorcycle shows in Canada, generating over $32 million for these causes.

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