An Average, Excellent, Beautiful, Normal Tremblant Summer.

An Average, Excellent, Beautiful, Normal Tremblant Summer.

We originally wrote this as a Forum Post for a Summer past, but after much thought it seems entirely appropriate to add it to the Blog content because in truth, the title applies to every Summer. There is no such thing as Summer at Tremblant that is not “An Average, Excellent, Beautiful, Normal Tremblant Summer”.

The array of activity at Tremblant over the course of a Summer is easy to find by scanning all the various Website’s beginning with and all the Tourism related Tremblant links. Everything from Golf to Ironman, Zip Lines to Water Skiing, Hiking to Biking, the list goes on and on.

The common element in all the references though, is the magnificent backdrop of Tremblant’s absolutely gorgeous Geophysical domain which is worthy of consideration for a visit on it’s own merit, regardless of whatever Human endeavours may be ongoing at any given time.


For those Tremblant Guests who have a primarily “Winter” Skiing/Snowboarding frame of visit reference, we can tell you for a fact that you can still “Ski” or “Board” at Tremblant in the summer, however…  you will have to modify the description of those activities to include the use of the words “Water” and/or “Wake”, and you will have to get used to a different form of “Tow”!



Geologically Speaking…

Tremblant is a Precambrian geographical feature. Over 4 Billion years of Mother Natures effects, that you can walk on, look over, examine, observe and partake of on an immersive basis. This is the heart of what is arguably the oldest rock on the face of Earth. We think the best way to observe this domain is from the summit.

There are easy ways to get to the top…


There are some Not-So-Easy ways to the top…


We happen to like the Not-So-Easy way up, and if that’s the way you choose to go, we recommend you take a quick peek at the Blog we wrote about Hiking at Tremblant. There are definitely choices you can make that will make any accent on foot a lot more user friendly and we elaborate on those specifically for their practical benefits.


No matter how you get to the summit, If you can handle the short additional vertical to the Observation Deck, not only do you have the best vantage over the South and Westerly quadrants as seen above, but you can see back over to the Grand Manitou Lodge, the Ski Patrol Summit HQ, the Comm. Tower and other North and Easterly directions, as seen below.


A short trek over to the Ski Patrol Summit HQ and you can walk to its back-side
observation area for an overview of Versant Nord, the North Side.



With your feet back on the ground at base level you may want to take advantage of some of those almost endless opportunities to sample your favourite pastimes. Tremblant is where Terra Firma Resort Level has more conventional options, but even those take on new perspectives with the backdrop of the Mountain.



By nothing other than allowing yourself to be receptive to underlaying rhythms of earth, wind, water and sky that support the pulse of life from the simplest forms of lichens and mosses to the social behaviours of the deer and the birds, you can begin to appreciate the closeness that Tremblant visitors can get to the real spirit of nature here.



The natural world of Tremblant is an endlessly fascinating place to be because in essence, it represents the connective thread of our planet from virtually the point of solid formations of solid bedrock to where it is now, and from the perspective of all the geological history, everything in between.



Any summer you can visit Tremblant is going to to reward you with the unique combinations of the wide ranging activities you can enjoy within the outstanding natural settings and easy, pleasant weather of the Laurentian peaks.

You’re Bound To Run Into Beauty At Every Turn…



While there are those whose seasonal preferences are for Tremblant’s Winter Alpine Skiing, there’s no doubt that in the course of an average, excellent, beautiful, gorgeous, normal Tremblant summer, and within the extensive access available… the uncovered nature of Nature is easy to see for those who are open and willing to take it all in.


It’s Just Another Average, Gorgeous, Beautiful, Excellent, Normal Summer at Tremblant!

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