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We created this site for you, the online Tremblant community, to “Express your Tremblant!”, your own content, and actively participate in the fun. It’s a great place to connect with other fans through a variety of social networking features. Tremblant360.com has also teamed up with the people who were at TremblantChat.com to bring you some fantastic content. You’ll find lots to explore, and we invite you to take a look at what the site has to offer. We’ve also included quick, easy to follow instructions on how to join the features you’re interested in, found at the bottom of each drop-down menu from the navigation bar above. It’s all free too!


Blog – Featuring all sorts of interesting Tremblant content from reports and equipment reviews, to important tips, deals and more! If you’d like to subscribe to our Blog’s content (with the exception of our daily mountain reports which are kept in the forums), click here to find out more.

Forums – Chat with other Tremblant enthusiasts, or start your own topic. Tell us about that amazing run, read the daily reports, or post some questions to the forum. Get a discussion going or see what others are saying. It’s up to you! 

Video – Share your Tremblant clips and edits with the online community in our YouTube/ Vimeo HD Video Groups. Show us your favorite clips, that sweet jump you landed in the park, or vids of you and your friends enjoying some of the great winter activities around Tremblant. We’ll also be posting some great video content in our own separate Vimeo Channel… in streaming HD! Check out our  site’s features ad by clicking here, or enjoy our first webisode “École Sur Neige” by clicking here!

Flickr – If you’re into photography and take some great shots, or just enjoy snapping the occasional picture, our Flickr Photo Group is a great place to share them with the community. Check out what others are posting, or post your own. We’d love to see them! 

Live Twitter News Feeds – Check out our unique Live Mountain Report Feed for news from the hill… as it happens! It’s also a great way to find out what’s happening at your favorite stores, restaurants and more around the Resort Village. Our custom code then pulls all the latest info into convenient categories to read it all. We just launched this service to businesses around Tremblant… if your business would like to know more about this free advertising opportunity, click here! 

Facebook – Our Facebook Group is another great avenue to connect with the online Tremblant community. Connect with other Tremblant fans, share some pics from your trip, upload a vid, or a get a discussion going. It’s up to you! If your friends and family love Tremblant as much as you do, send them a group invite and help spread the word! 

Events & What’s Up – Check out what’s going on at Tremblant in our Events Calendar, or read some of our blog entries about upcoming events. 

More to come! – If you think all that’s cool, wait until you see what’s coming in the next little while! We’d also like to have a version Francais up and running in the next little while as well. Until then, we hope you enjoy the site and become part of the online Tremblant community!

Tell a friend! – Please help us spread the word by sharing this site with friends and family who are Tremblant fans too! The easiest way to share the site with others, is through the built in “tell a friend” feature in the navigation bar up top. Hovering your mouse over the button will present you with the opportunity to share safely through your e-mail contact list, or you could also type in an address directly without logging in. You also have the option of sharing via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and FriendFeed. Express your Tremblant! …with friends and family too! 


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If you’d like to contact us, or you would like to have us build a tailored social networking site for your resort, mountain or organization, you can reach us through the contact form below: 

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If you have any other questions about how to use the site which aren’t answered in the “How To Join” sections (found at the bottom of each area’s drop down menu), please feel free to ask us in the forums. You can find out more about joining our forums by clicking here. We’d be glad to help you… Express your Tremblant!