How To Subscribe

Subscribing to the Blog’s content, or the articles you see on the site’s home page, is a great way to keep current with what’s happening at Tremblant. Subscribers are only sent Blog content, and only when an article has been published. Your e-mail address is handled securely by Google’s Feedburner, and will never be given out to a third party. From time to time, we (the site) may send you the occasional e-mail or notification, but we promise to keep it to a bare minimum of perhaps 1-2 per year.

We’ve listed a quick set of directions below for how to subscribe, unsubscribe, as well as how to easily use the “tell a friend” feature, if you’d like to share with friends and family!


How to subscribe to the Blog: 

1. From the top of any page on our site, next to “More Please!!” you’ll find “RSS” or “Straight to my inbox!”, 

You have two options: 

A. Clicking on “RSS” will present you with the option to subscribe using your favorite RSS reader, 


B. Clicking on “Straight to my inbox!” will present you with a Google Feedburner dialogue box where you can enter your e-mail address, 

– Note – If you selected “Straight to my inbox!”, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from Feedburner to verify the e-mail address. Voilà, that’s it!


How to unsubscribe: 

You can easily unsubscribe your e-mail address at any time by opening one of the subscription e-mails sent to you, and clicking on the “Unsubscribe now” link found at the bottom of the e-mail. 


How to tell a friend!:

Please help us spread the word by sharing this site with friends and family who are Tremblant fans too! The easiest way to share the site with others, is through the built in “tell a friend” feature in the above navigation bar. 

Simply hover your mouse over the “tell a friend” button, which will present you with the option to either share safely through your e-mail contact list, or by typing an e-mail address in directly without logging in. You also have the option of sharing via Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and FriendFeed. Express your Tremblant! …with friends and family too! 

We really appreciate your help, thank you!