3/2/21 #Tremblant Conditions

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3/2/21 #Tremblant Conditions

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82/102(*) Open Trails on Sud/South, Nord/North and Edge Sectors. Soleil Sector Closed For Safety.

--------------- 12:09 P.M. Insert Update: ----------------------

REVISED Open Trails To 96(*).

Archival Data Attached Below.


Before we get into the weather generated Open Terrain reduction this morning,
we want to start with the very basic foundational element we referred to yesterday
which is the “Default Smooth” that was, and we think still is, both the reason and
what will follow as the quickness for the correction. When you start with “Smooth”,
everything else follows more easily.

So, on with the review...

Tremblant Was Legitimately “Awesome” Yesterday.

3.1.21.Summit.Views.Weather.Drama.Over.Vertige.Lac.T.d.jpg (1.27 MiB) Viewed 808 times

Today Is Going To Be Very Similar... except cooler...

You did not have to do anything but look up to see that there was huge
weather drama going on. “Keeping An Eye On The Weather” was not
difficult when the weather is so much “In Your Face”. The impression
that the forecast gave was one of a rather mild transition from the
“Spring-Like” early morning @ zero C, but the reality was more like
a slap on the cheek from a very cool hand, and a big hand at that,
as the hand of Mother Nature squarely hit the region with “Cold”
and “Windy”, where the “Windy” bit was actually a “Howler” that on
some facing intermediate slopes, could push you to a stop against gravity.

Odd thing though, was that the Skiing was excellent throughout.

(A Minor Editorial Rant...)

We heard numerous references to “Icy”, but we can tell you with 97.827 %
probability of correctness that anyone who thought it was icy yesterday
(or say the same thing today), can not remember the last time they had their
Skis or Snowboard tuned up and without the sharpness in edge, no doubt
it would have seemed icy with the inherent speed that was in the cooling,
but still smooth surfaces.

Our 9 year old Atomic Recreational SL Skis that were last tuned up about
5 days of total use ago, carved with surgical precision all day long and we
had an absolute riot of excellent speed and complete control in some of
the seasons very best natural speed and conditions. Period.

The lesson in all of this is that there can be vastly different experience
qualities with very minimal proactive preparation.

One of Our “Pet Peeve’s”...

The best way to illuminate this point is our classic illustration of...

“Penny Wise, Pound Foolish.” This is an old English expression referring
to the Stirling Monetary System that says someone can be saving pennies
in expense on one side of the equation, and simultaneously loose the value
of many pounds on the other side of the equation.

Any place on Planet Earth that can support a “Ski Resort” can experience
a warm-to-cool transition in a few hours that can generate short-term
anomalous conditions.

The bottom line here is that what we see is that some folks will spend
thousands of dollars to bring themselves or a family group from far away,
but they won’t spend 40 bucks for tune up on the equipment necessary to
actually do the sport they’ve traveled for. Then they blame the Mountain for
“Icy” when they can’t even remember how many seasons ago the gear they’re
on was last tuned, if ever.

Twice yesterday riding up chairlifts as single’s the “How is your day going?“
discussion starter got an immediate “It’s Icy” response. The very first reply
is always the question “When did you last have your Ski Tuned?” First time
reply “I can’t remember”, second time reply “I don’t know”. When pressed,
neither of these fine folks could say if was last year, or maybe the year before
that... in the mean-time our decade old, sturdy, faithful, SL Recreational Skis,
tuned 5 days ago are carving up the whole Mountain with great fun and very easily,
and we are truly enjoying one of the best natural speed days of the season. Period.

Fortunately, there is a super-easy solution for this situation that
we will include below.(#)

Moving forward and regardless of your gear condition...

The Iconic Tremblant Scenery Is Spectacular.

3.1.21.Nord.North.Duncan.Quad.Views.Over.Duncan.Haut.Upper.and.Expo.Quad.Peak.d.jpg (1.3 MiB) Viewed 792 times

Weather Notes:

What you need to be prepared for is the disconnect between
indicated temp. values and the net effects of wind-chill.
Our experience is that multiple wind-proof shell barriers of a
larger size work very efficiently and are a very inexpensive way
to work over, and extend the capability of any base winter jacket,
as opposed to buying an expensive “Threat Level-10 Arctic Parka”
that is bulky, heavy, and you might only need 2 or 3 days a year.
Multiple X-L, L size shells are cheap, light, foldable/storable and
they work wonders at blocking the wind by shielding/overlapping
any base layers. This idea works great for Kids too.

3.2.21.Weather.Data.a.jpg (812.69 KiB) Viewed 795 times

Conditions Notes:

In the Groomed:

We can not overemphasize the value of the default “Smooth”
that is so consistent at Tremblant.

Especially if you’re trying to Herd Cats!

3.1.21.Sud.South.Nansen.Bas.Lower.Parallel.Tam.Tam.Herding.Kiddy.Cats.c.jpg (1.22 MiB) Viewed 775 times

No matter who you are, what your skill level is, if you enjoy groomed
“Front Side” conditions, welcome to one of the very best places for
that in Eastern North America. The longest run here is 6 Kilometres
of singular excellence. Pictured above is a portion of that trail, “Nansen”,
and we say with 110% conviction that if you want to learn the sport of
Skiing, 6 Kilometres of terrain that is like a snow-covered Golf Course
Fairway will get you exponentially quicker advancement because you
can practice an established rhythmic descent pattern for such a long
linear pathway without having to stop or be interrupted by having to
get on a lift so often. This is huge asset for quick learning.

A lot of what folks perceived as icy yesterday will be gone today with
grooming. The depth of the top layers may be variable, and the wear
factors may be variable, but the traffic is less than normal due to Covid-19
pandemic travel limitations, so it may all net-effect to fairly even
conditions for the day.

Some of yesterdays excellence(that we expect to potentially be repeated today),
was not easily visible as you can see below. In this case, Versant Sud/South Side
Beauvallon Haut/Upper, especially the left descending side closest to the trail
edge, had the best groomed conditions on the Mountain. What was happening
was the wind propelled snow over the top of the trees was back-filling onto the trail
which left the entire left side of the descent for between 7 to 10 metres wide, in
freshly covered fine granular crystalline powder snow constantly being refreshed.
It was literally immaculate.

3.1.21.Sud.South.Beauvallon.Haut.Upper.Left.Side.Descending.Best.du.Jour.d.jpg (849.23 KiB) Viewed 770 times

In the Sous Bois, Glades, Hors Piste and Un-Groomed, it’s a far
more individual trail or zone thing, as the super-cool overnight
will improve some of the untracked spaces by reducing humidity,
but in some of the mogul runs, everything froze will make it quite

Caution in all Un-Groomed is absolutely warranted. There are some
rocky outcroppings that are not visible from above, so speed control
and immediate hazard avoidance are sometimes necessary.

------------------ 12:11 P.M. Insert Update: --------------------

3.2.21.Web.Cam.Conditions.Observations.At.12.11.PM.a.jpg (1.25 MiB) Viewed 713 times


82/102(*) Open Trails on the Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions
for March 2, 2021, Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,<br />Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
3.2.21.Trail.Status.Data.a.jpg (627.79 KiB) Viewed 808 times

--------------- 12:09 P.M. Insert Update: ----------------------

REVISED Open Trails To 96(*).

Archival Data Attached Below.


96/102(*)REVISED Open Trails on the Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions
for March 2, 2021, Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,<br />Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
3.2.21.Trail.Status.Data.b.jpg (627.31 KiB) Viewed 771 times

(#) The solution for the gear tune-up, Ski Holiday Utility Optimization:

Tremblant has a huge Ski-Hire/Rental fleet and to keep up with
safety and maintenance they can justify an automated ski tuning
machinery system that is arguably the best in the world. They also
offer a crazy-good, and crazy-cheap discount “Overnight” Ski/Board
Tune-up Special, so here is what you do if you’re arriving at Tremblant
from far away. The evening of the day you arrive, you deliver your Skis/Board
to the “Ski Shop”, located at the P-1, Cabriolet Base Level, “Chalet Des Voyageurs”
and ask for the Overnight Special. The next morning, you go there, and
for just around $40.00 Canadian Dollars, they will hand you back your Skis
or Board with precision finished edges that are debatably better in true, sharp
accuracy(within 1/10th of a degree), than when the skis were brand new.

Make A Huge “Note To Self” On This One.

This is the Ski Holiday Utility Bargain Of The Decade. You will enjoy control
and confidence, not to mention safety and speed for your entire stay for pennies,
comparatively speaking to the total travel costs.

If you’re going on a Ski Holiday anywhere, we think you’re “Nuts” if you don’t
have a tuned gear plan, and for Tremblant, the very best way to accomplish
that is to simply have it done when you first get here.

Thanks for your visit!

Please Note:

Skiing attendance is by reservation or seasons pass only.
a la Carte Ticket-Window sales are not permitted at this
time due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Please Goto Tremblant.ca for applicable detail.

Please Note(B):

There was an upgrade to the Covid-19 Level in this area to
“RED ZONE” status effective 12.14.20. We do not know exactly
how this could impact any future Mountain utility beyond the
provisions of the currently available Red Zone behavioural
protocols and/or current Press Releases.

Attached below are the Quebec Ski Area’s Policy
and the current Tremblant.ca Press Release.

The status of active or available participation may possibly
change with short or no notice for public health and safety.

1.7.21.Quebec.Ski.Areas.Association.Covid.19.Operational.Policy.Update.a.jpg (570.23 KiB) Viewed 776 times

Please Note: Zoom-in for Above/Below detail.

2.8.21.Update.Covid.19.Operational.Policy.Data.a.jpg (745.64 KiB) Viewed 776 times


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