11/29/21 #Tremblant Conditions

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11/29/21 #Tremblant Conditions

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T360 Apres Ski Edit, Under Construct At 7:18 P.M.

Due to the conditions within the limited amount of
currently open terrain, which is tending to show
a bit on the firm and occasionally icy side, the big
story at Tremblant right now has to be the amount
of new terrain being developed.

There is not a single problem related to base quality
over the existing terrain that will not be solved by more
open terrain in our opinion.

Reducing the traffic per-square-unit of open area by
increasing the amount of open square area is simply
bound to increase the daily durability of smoothness
and retained soft surfaces everywhere. Basically, you
are spreading out the load.

The first sample zone we’re going to look at is the
Versant Nord/North Side sector, Lowell Thomas.

11.29.21.Lowell.Thomas.Quad.Views.Huge.Lowell.Thomas.Snowmaking.c.jpg (868.36 KiB) Viewed 199 times

The amount of snowmaking going on in the Lowell Thomas
sector is impressive. From side-to-side, top-to-bottom,
virtually all of the Lowell Thomas sector is being covered,
except, of course, the small, narrow trails like Le Tunnel,
Banzai, and Marie-Claude Asselin that are not plumbed
for snowmaking and consequently rely completely on
natural snowfall.

The second area of new terrain under construction
we want to look at is Versant Sud/South Side, Nansen.
If you look back in this record over every opening
sequence of days you are quickly going to see the
repeated references we make to how critically important
Nansen is. It is the other “Green”, Beginner jewel in
the Tremblant learning crown.

11.29.21.La.Crete.Views.Snowmaking.Over.La.Crete.To.Nansen.c.jpg (1.28 MiB) Viewed 197 times

In the case of Nansen, as you see above, about 95% of Tremblant
familiar people are going to tell you that you are looking at the
upper entrance to Nansen in this pic., however, that is incorrect.
Technically, Nansen does not begin until the bottom of the pitch
that lies just beyond the vertical posts marked “Facile”/“Easy”,
so what you are actually looking at here is the final segment
of La Crete, which also happens to be the only way to Nansen,
so thinking it is Nansen is forgivable.

Anyway, from a Beginners point of view, Nansen is just as
important as P’tit Bonheur, it is a magnificent example of
consistent pitch angle and we often say that it is like skiing
on a golf course fairway, and we would also have to say that
when it is connected with the lower portion down to the Resort
Base it is arguably the most important Beginner terrain at Tremblant.

The final area of snowmaking we’ll talk about is Beauvallon Bas/Lower.
From a Resort Logistical POV, this is arguably the most important
terrain development going on now. Ski-Out to Sud/South Resort Base
psychologically, “Open” the Ski Resort for normal business. You can see
where this terrain is being developed in the cross-Lac T. picture below.

The current use of the Gondola to download is proving to be a bit
of a sore point with regular skiers and boarders, all you need to do
is talk with folks around the Mountain, or see the lineup at the end
of the day, to understand why. What we hear from regular sources
is that the Versant Sud/South Ski-Out-To-Base may be open by
Wednesday, and it will be a huge relief for all guests, probably
for staff too.

Otherwise(a), performance capability on todays open trails was
directly proportional to Ski/Board edge sharpness. If you can’t
remember when you had your Skis/Board tuned up, you’re going
to think there are a lot of icy bits. If you had them done this past
week, you just think everything is “Fast”.

Otherwise(b), The Versant Sud/South Side Alpine Bas/Lower
Progression Park Is Open And Active!

11.29.21.Sud.South.Progression.Park.Alpine.Bas.Lower.C.P.Airbourne.Upside.Fun.d.jpg (1.19 MiB) Viewed 177 times

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6(*) Open Trails On Sud/South(Haut/Upper), And Nord/North(Summit-To-Base), Sides At #Tremblant.

Buoy Oh Buoy, You Really Want To Navigate To Tremblant!


11.28.21.Buoy.Oh.Buoy.You.Need.To.Navigate.To.Tremblant.Lac.T.Sunny.Views.Mt.T.d.jpg (1012.14 KiB) Viewed 297 times

Nothing can come close to the exhilaration of the first turns of the season
and that’s why, regardless of the amount of open terrain, you want to
navigate your way to Tremblant ASAP. Think of it as a muscle system reboot.

We can tell you for a fact... You can do gym-style squats all summer long,
and with big weight and big rep’s, but... nothing can replicate the exact
dynamic forces of the performance of the actual sport itself, nothing.

11.28.21.Nord.North.Ptit.Bonheur.WOW.Beautiful.d.jpg (949.92 KiB) Viewed 263 times

It’s not hard to understand why after a long Summer, sights like above
generate huge personal enthusiasm, however...

T360 recommends a measured approach towards every seasons startup.
The old expression that refers to “Your Brain Writes Cheques Your Body
Can’t Cash” is especially and directly applicable within the first few days
of every new season. What we see is the particular experience of the
last hours of the day when enthusiasm can intersect with fatigue. The
onset of sudden fatigue is real and many physiologists discuss the effects
of the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles over the course of time and
work performed, as often occurring very rapidly. This is a real personal
safety issue due to the statistical incidents of accidents related to fatigue,
so you need to use caution, take frequent breaks, and remember that it’s
a long season that is dependent on avoiding physical risk.

If you are reading this from far away as a matter of interest because
you are planning a future Ski Holiday, it is also every good reason to
start, maintain and develop the very best pre-season conditioning you
can because even though the Ski/Board muscle use is unique, it always
helps to build cardio/lung capacity and endurance prior to your own
first tracks.

Fitness Is Fun!!!

11.28.21.Nord.North.Colours.Of.Fun.Beauchemin.Bas.Lower.Crest.Below.Lowell.T.Base.Plateau.d.jpg (1.26 MiB) Viewed 283 times

Weather Notes:

Nice!, Easy!

11.29.21.Weather.Data.a.jpg (858.75 KiB) Viewed 290 times

Conditions Notes:

Today should see a wholesale difference from yesterday
due to the overnight grooming and fractional work-week
traffic. There was no doubt that the large, enthusiastic first
weekend crowd placed a mechanical stress on the limited
open terrain, but it needs to be acknowledged that despite
some of those issues, there was good skiing over soft descent
lines all day. All you had to do was to use reduced speed
and carefully observe where the wear patterns were developing,
then circulate around them. We found this very easy to do.

Sorry for the soft focus edges and low contrast on this one below,
but it actually illustrates the edge-set performance capability of
the majority of the surfaces we had to work with yesterday, if you
knew where to go to get them.

11.28.21.Nord.North.Beauchemin.Bas.Lower.Left.Descending.Side.Below.Top.Pitch.e.jpg (789.68 KiB) Viewed 287 times

The pic is labeled specifically with “Beauchemin Bas/Lower,
Descending Left Side Below Top Pitch” because that is one
of the best, individual, select samples of how careful observation
could find you really good lines, running very long distances.

From an overall perspective, we think it's going to be almost a
night and day difference today based on what we hope are the
productive hours that Mountain Op’s applied with the grooming
night-shift. If they were able to get to the 4 corners of it, there
should be virtually nothing left of the bumpy bits or the traffic
exposed slick zones. With what we also expect to comparatively
very light traffic today, the initial quality should have all-day
durability. What that means is that the zone-select performance that
could be found yesterday should be more of a universal quality today.

If you are a Beginner here for first week lessons, today should be
the day you’ve been waiting for. Most fresh season trail surfaces
respond well and quickly to traffic in the sense that any initial
coarseness in particle size gets ground up by user edges.
When you combine that with the refinement that evolves with
multiple daily grooming cycles and a sudden reduction in traffic
volume, all of a sudden, it becomes a Beginners paradise of
easy, uncrowded, wide open learning spaces that are really
excellent for establishing skills and confidence.

For Intermediates and Experts...

Technical Skills Are Useful.

What you see below, we are going to call “Quiet Edges”.
Whenever there can be firm or icy bits in the substrates,
subtle edge control is what you need in order to harness
the available turning potential. Harsh, rapid, aggressive
edge sets will have a high probability of blowing out.
Gently, smoothly, incrementally applied force with sensitivity
and finesse is what you need in order to get the most out
of these startup trail surfaces at this point.

This is a very good example of the finesse required. There is not
a lot of snow-spray off the edges, yet the speed is still apparent
by the blur in the background. It helps to have lots of room to
work with and Beauvallon’s magnificent upper pitch has been
a great place so far to work on these skills with a large expanse
that can accommodate a wider turning radius.

11.28.21.Sud.South.Beauvallon.Haut.Upper.Mid.Top.Pitch.Performance.Observations.c.jpg (745.5 KiB) Viewed 278 times

We often refer to these initial weeks as a training period and
for all these first sessions what we think is important, if possible,
is to just be able to get out and do some lapping and get that
intangible ski-specific mind/muscle connection back working
on a safe, conservative level that gradually escalates in intensity.

6/102(*) Open Trails on the Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions
for November 29, 2021, Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,<br />Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
11.29.21.Trail.Status.Data.a.jpg (585.07 KiB) Viewed 296 times

More later at Apres Ski... See Ya then?

Please Note:

A Covid-19 Vaccination Passport Is Required To Access The Mountain.

(You may need to open this image in a new window to enable zoom-in.)
11.5.21.Ski.Season.2021.22.Covid.19.Vaccination.Passport.Requirements.a.jpg (873.16 KiB) Viewed 293 times


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