3/27/21 #Tremblant Conditions

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3/27/21 #Tremblant Conditions

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T360 Midnight Apres Ski Edit @ 12:04 A.M.

It Never Quite Made It To “Sunny”.

But that may have actually helped to keep some “Cool”
and some “Speed” in the groomed trails.

Basically, almost the entire Mountain was sitting on Zero C,
you could see icicles on some trees, and snow-dust on others,
all within a few vertical metres.

www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
3.27.21.Summit.Info.Ski.Consult.Zone.Weather.Observations.c.jpg (1.28 MiB) Viewed 1249 times

By having less than forecast Solar energy, we think the tipping thermal points
that could have generated more softening when temps are so close to Zero C,
did not occur, so there was wonderful firmness and speed that was greater than expected.


This is a shot within one of the most consistently favoured zones by Mother Nature at Tremblant.
Throughout the seasons recorded in this journal, you will repeatedly see this sector referenced
as a “Go To” for reliable performance. To a large extent that is due to a combination of the
abundance of naturally drifted snow it gets within the “lee-side” position it occupies in relation to
the prevailing winter winds, and the equally beneficial effects of being on the opposite, shaded side
of the highest levels of solar energy exposure.

When you add in the mechanical advantage of the new Lowell Thomas high speed detachable quad
lift that now services this sector, it renders out an outstanding combination of uniform trail quality
and very quick, repeatable lift access. The net result is that cyclical utility can be a very athletic
“lapping mode” across a wide range of skill-set trails and sub-sector zones that include an engaging
variety of both highly refined groomed trails like this Rigodon example, as well as Sous-Bois/Hors
Piste that you will find adjacent to Le Tunnel and Banzai.

The fact that this sectors durability is so functionally complete while some solar-direct facing zones
are being diminished by the day, is a further testament to it’s value to those in attendance at this point
in what is statistically a warmer than average Spring Skiing season.

www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
3.27.21.Nord.North.Rigodon.Smooth.Fast.Fun.c.jpg (1.32 MiB) Viewed 1249 times

There was very little evidence of any sort of rain damage from yesterday
and Mountain Crews did a legitimately fabulous job of restoring virtually
seamless coverage to most open terrain areas. Below is a shot of the
upper entrance to the Nansen Sector. It had been a few days since we
had skied Nansen and we’re happy to report that today, it was one very
near flawless example for the entire 6 kilometre long-way descent route,
a total joy for technical carving that had great flow from Summit-to-Base.

www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
3.27.21.Nansen.Near.Flawless.Summit.To.Base.b.jpg (1.25 MiB) Viewed 1246 times

Please note above: Close observation of the trees on screen-right, behind the
“Nansen Haut” sign show the snow-frost tree boughs indicating the sufficiently
cool enough temps to support that frost without thawing.

Unfortunately, it looks like a rainy day tomorrow. We will reserve opinion
until the morning because we hope the forecast changes, as it sometimes
does, overnight.

--------------- 6:19 A.M. Orig. Post -------------------

61/102(*) Open Trails on all 4 Sectors at #Tremblant .

A Very Favourable Total Mountain Reset.

The "Laws Of Physics" don’t care about how much,
only that any Sub-Zero C is achieved, so -3 C at
the Summit, to -1C at base, that is exactly enough.

A Two Pic. Case Study Example:
The Mechanics Of Groomed Trail Durability:

3.25.21 Nord/North Lowell Thomas Mid-Descent
Cat-Track To Devils River Conditions Observations.

What you see below is the “Uncompressed”(top pic.), and “Compressed’(bottom pic.),
difference in density between the trail edge and the groomed trail, where the total
depth is nearly identical, but the “Compressed” trail surface that has had maybe
hundreds of passages over it by a grooming machine, which has generated a very
solid foundation.

In this top pic. the ski poles are defining both the edge of the groomed trail width
as well as the uncompressed snow-pack to the immediate left of the trail. What
you are seeing is about 60 to 80 cm’s of variable, all natural, loose, trail-side snow
where the vertical pole can be pushed to the ground, and the horizontal pole indicates
the edge of the groomed trail at the bottom tip of the pole.

www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
3.25.21.Nord.North.Lowell.Thomas.Mid.Cat.Track.To.Devils.River.Conditions.Observations.b.jpg (1.3 MiB) Viewed 1344 times

(Please Note: Above/Below: The debris you see is about 99.341% wind blown tree
needles and bark bits that accumulate in the snow strata over the course of
the season, but when the snow begins to melt, they don’t, so they get left on top
as the snow depth recedes. They are all soft, clean, and do not affect skiing or ski
bases in any way, shape, or form.)

What you are seeing in this second pic., is the compressed, groomed, trail surface
to the immediate right of the shot above, where if you take the ski poles and use
all the downward force a human being can make to impact the ski pole straight into
the surface, the pole can not be pushed into the surface any further than roughly 7
to 8 cm’s/3 inches because the very same total 70 odd cm’s of the groomed trail
is still froze and compressed solid, even after almost a week of really hot, and
sometimes very wet, weather.

This is the mechanical advantage Tremblant Ski/Board Fans have for now, on
average just around 70 cm’s, just over 2 feet of a very solid structural base(#).

“But”... it is a limited time Mother Nature offer, and hopefully that is going to
coincide with the Official end of the season, scheduled for April 18.

www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
3.25.21.Nord.North.Lowell.Thomas.Mid.Cat.Track.To.Devils.River.Conditions.Observations.d.jpg (1.29 MiB) Viewed 1344 times

((#) Of course... there are places where the base is more, or less. The advantage
of using this sample location is that the snow accumulation here is all natural
and there is no snowmaking in this spot at all. The base in some built-up
snowmaking zones can be several feet deep as Mountain Crews stack inventory
in some sensitive areas right from the beginning of the season. The spots where
it can be less are generally over or around topographical contour peaks, but they
tend to be dimensionally small patches.)

It may seem a bit amazing that after so much heat and wet, that there is still
such a solid core to the base, but that is the essence of end-of-season durability
where many months of Sub-Zero’s down as far as the -30’s C, has incrementally
built up an extremely resilient frost reserve that can support this ongoing
compressed, groomed, trail foundation.

Weather Notes:

3.27.21.Weather.Data.a.jpg (853.59 KiB) Viewed 1344 times

This Is What

“Mix Of Sun And Cloud”,
“Partially Sunny”, Or
“Cloudy With Sunny Breaks”

has looked like at Tremblant recently...

www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
3.25.21.Summit.La.Crete.Views.Over.Beauvallon.Haut.Upper.Lac.T.d.jpg (1.31 MiB) Viewed 1305 times

Literally “Awesome” Tremblant Views!!!

Conditions Notes:

Morning: Smooth with machine groomed top layers over a solid core base.

Afternoon: Variable degrees of softness generated by warming
ambient air temps and direct solar exposures. The “Variable” part
comes from the angle of solar exposures which allow more
direct concentrations in later afternoon on Sud/South and Soleil
Sectors, and more obliquely diffused solar and shaded portions
on Nord/North.

Everything will be rocket-fast in morning, and we hope the speed
is retained as the softness increases, however there will probably
be some very individualized zones of moisture induced friction
if the total heat sources can generate saturation. We estimate the
peak hours of optimum performance between 10:00 A.M and 14:30 P.M.,
however there will be both sweetness and excellence to be found
on a case-by-case basis all day.

Whenever there is dynamic weather, there can be Open Trail dynamics too
which can mean the Open list can change up/down as safety permits.

For best results, you should consult with the unique Tremblant Info.Ski Crews
any place on the Mountain you find them. Their base of operations is at the Summit
between the Gondola and Lowell Thomas Lift Offload zones, so its very easy to
cover any questions or ask for Skill-related terrain recommendations as you pass
this area. We talk to them every day for updates and you should too.

www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
www.Tremblant360.com Photo. All Rights Reserved.
3.25.21.Summit.Weather.Info.Crew.Observations.c.jpg (1.32 MiB) Viewed 1313 times

Please Note: In the Official conditions report preamble below,
the “First Tracks” program is finished for this season and
from now to seasons close, regular “Open Hours” commence
for all Tremblant guests at 8:30 A.M.

61/102(*) Open Trails on the Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions
for March 27, 2021, Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,<br />Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
Archival Copy of Official Open Trails,
Grooming, Snowmaking, Lift Status and Mountain Conditions Courtesy of Tremblant.ca
3.27.21.Trail.Status.Data.a.jpg (612.94 KiB) Viewed 1344 times

Page Under Construction/Progressive Assembly Notice.

Thanks for your visit!

Please Note:

Skiing attendance is by reservation or seasons pass only.
a la Carte Ticket-Window sales are not permitted at this
time due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Please Goto Tremblant.ca for applicable detail.

Please Note(B):

There was an upgrade to the Covid-19 Level in this area to
“RED ZONE” status effective 12.14.20. We do not know exactly
how this could impact any future Mountain utility beyond the
provisions of the currently available Red Zone behavioural
protocols and/or current Press Releases.

Attached below are the Quebec Ski Area’s Policy
and the current Tremblant.ca Press Release.

The status of active or available participation may possibly
change with short or no notice for public health and safety.

1.7.21.Quebec.Ski.Areas.Association.Covid.19.Operational.Policy.Update.a.jpg (570.23 KiB) Viewed 1328 times

Please Note: Zoom-in for Above/Below detail.

2.8.21.Update.Covid.19.Operational.Policy.Data.a.jpg (745.64 KiB) Viewed 1328 times


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