Historic Opening Day Trail Stat’s 2008 - 2021

People and Places around the Mountain.

This section is primarily Photographic, featuring large size
images with supporting text where necessary.
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Historic Opening Day Trail Stat’s 2008 - 2021

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Historic Opening Day Trail Statistics Spanning Years 2008 to 2021.

The shapes in the graphic below start with a quadratically
divided cube in which the top two contain a triangular
shape split in two to represent “S” Sud/South and “N” Nord/North,
as well as “Haut”/“Upper” sectors of the naturally triangular
shaped Summit, or upper half of the Mountain. Correspondingly
the bottom squares represent the “Bas”/“Lower” portions of the
“S”/“N” Mountain zones.

We have filled into these respective shapes the number
of Open trails for each “Haut/“Upper and “Bas”/“Lower
sides of the Mountain for the additionally annotated
Opening Date. The years are annotated above each data block.


Historic.Opening.Day.Trail.Stats.2008.To.2021.a.jpg (1.31 MiB) Viewed 180 times

One of the most practical features of any Opening Day is
the ability to ski/board from Summit-To-Base. Downloading
from the Summit, if ski-out is not possible, is always a bit
inconvenient as there tend to lineups at peak traffic points
around last run. Due to functional utility of the Resort, there
appears to be a priority of ski-out to base on Sud/South
for the benefit of Resort guests whenever possible.

We have annotated Summit-To-Base ski-outs on Versant
Sud/South with a red (*), and ski-out to both Sud/South
and Nord/North with a red (**).

Of course, weather in the 3rd week of November can not always
support sufficient terrain development for Summit-To-Base, but
success has definitely increased in recent years with snowmaking
that can occur with tremendous volume and coverage efficiency
at just below 0C/32F.

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