Skis You Want For Christmas... or any other time...

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Skis You Want For Christmas... or any other time...

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Skis You Want For Your Tremblant Christmas.

...or any other time. photo. All rights reserved. photo. All rights reserved.
12.17.17.What.U.Want.4.Xmas.Daniel.LaChance.Custom.SL.156cm.TR.11.d.jpg (506.29 KiB) Viewed 2054 times
The Daniel LaChance Custom SL Series of 156cm @ 11 Metre Turning Radius(above)

and 165 cm at 13 Metre Turning Radius(below).

(jpg.Pic.File. for Specifications attached Below) photo. All rights reserved. photo. All rights reserved.
12.17.17.What.U.Want.4.Xmas.Daniel.LaChance.Custom.SL.165cm.TR.13.b.jpg (573.31 KiB) Viewed 2054 times

Finally, Someone has enough Brains and Courage to bring
to Market two very fine and specific Slalom Radius Skis that
are directly dedicated/applicable to Mt. Tremblant in terms of
Conditions and Topographical Layout.

We do not often write about or endorse specific Equipment, but we need
to make a very worthy exception in this case because we believe he is right.

Intelligence, Conviction, Courage. photo. All rights reserved. photo. All rights reserved.
12.17.17.What.U.Want.4.Xmas.Daniel.LaChance.Custom.SL.156cm.TR.11.b.jpg (907.55 KiB) Viewed 2054 times
Simply Put...

M. LaChance has had the Intelligence to recognize what we directly
support as the ideal Ski Configurations for Mt. Tremblant(*) and he
has had the Conviction to move forward with the design and
manufacturing feasibly, and the finally, he has clearly demonstrated
the Courage to make the heavy Investment in the Manufacture of these
Excellent Skis for their direct benefits in use, for his customers.

Bravo Daniel LaChance !!! photo. All rights reserved. photo. All rights reserved.
12.17.17.What.U.Want.4.Xmas.Daniel.LaChance.Custom.SL.Series.Skis.a.jpg (575.49 KiB) Viewed 2032 times
Here is the point:

(*) Every Chance We Get... We ask... Why would you want the average
“Consumer Ski” with a typical Turning Radius of between 17 and 21 Metres,
when you are on a Mountain (here and just about everywhere else in Eastern North
America), where the average Trail Width, and the Best Descent Lines are 90%
between 7 to 15 metres?

The Laws Of Physics tell you that turns less/shorter than
the physical radius of your Skis are going to have to be:
- “Skidded”,
- "Side-Slipped”,
- "Stem Christy’d”,
- “Parallel Turned”,
But Not Carved. photo. All rights reserved. photo. All rights reserved.
2.26.15.Nansen.Bas.Lower.Carve.This.Excellent.Shred.Snow.f.jpg (411.36 KiB) Viewed 1725 times
If the concept of “Carving” means anything to you in terms of
Desirable, Efficient, Fast and Unbelievable FUN, then you need to
understand these basic ideas.

In order to Carve in a Short Radius Environment,
you need a Short Radius Ski. PERIOD.

Ski Carving Technique 101:
“You Can Ski A Short Ski Long,
But You May Never Ski A Long Ski Short.”(**)

(**)A Short Radius Ski can be carved at almost infinite longer radius by
“Skating Action”, a Long Radius Ski has to be Skidded or Side-Slipped
to make Parallel Turns of Shorter Radius. A Short Radius Ski can also be
very effectively swivelled together in Mogul or any other Parallel Style Turns.
Consequently, the Short Radius Ski design offers Maximum Flexibility in
Applied Ski Technique. Period. The benefits are equally applicable to all
the different manufacturers of similar Slalom Ski Design).

ADDITIONALLY... With the Speeds necessary to Carve a 20 Metre Ski
in most places, including at Tremblant, you will either seriously seriously
hurt yourself eventually, or hurt someone else eventually, because those
Big Radius Carving Speeds are not safe most of the time.

Our hypothesis is that you can have far more fun, more nimble, better
technical turn execution, and way more all-mountain versatility for all turn styles...
all at lower, safer speeds... with a short radius Slalom profile ski like these. Period.

Plus... with GS “skating” action, they’re still Rocket Fast when safe conditions exist!

More later on these Fantastic looking products
when we hope to be able to demo Ski them. photo. All rights reserved. photo. All rights reserved.
12.17.17.What.U.Want.4.Xmas.Daniel.LaChance.Custom.SL.Series.Specifications.a.jpg (412.56 KiB) Viewed 2032 times
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