Physiological/Psychological Benefits of Skiing/Snowboarding

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Physiological/Psychological Benefits of Skiing/Snowboarding

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This is an excerpt from one of our Daily Conditions Reports
dated February 6th, 2010. We were digging around our archives
looking for a specific photograph when we came across this and
realized that it should be included here as a general reference,
not only for Tremblant, but as a basic consideration for the entire

We think it’s totally appropriate to remind and promote the health
benefits of a Ski/Board Holiday to begin with, but of course, our
suggestion is that due to the very high technical merit of Tremblant’s
terrain for all skill levels from beginner to expert over it’s regional peers,
you can go better and further with the concept here than you can elsewhere.

"Forget the Gym, hit the slopes at Tremblant!"

"Today and tomorrow are both exactly the kinds of days that
contribute toward the good health of any Tremblant participant.
Fresh air, exercise, the performance and improvement
of an athletic skill set, are all well known factors that make
Skiing and Snowboarding part of a healthy lifestyle.

Not only is there the physiological benefit of extended
periods of vigorous exercise, but there is the psychological
benefit as well. These psychological benefits of exercise
from the pursuit of sports such as skiing and snowboarding
are well documented, in terms of both improvement in mood
and positive personal outlook. In some medically diagnosable
conditions such as chronic pain or depression, for example,
exercise can be a critical element in treatment, symptom reduction
and the elevated restoration of the individuals sense of well-being
and/or self esteem.

Skiing and Snowboarding literally make you healthier, and happier.

These positive health benefits could be said to be associated with
participation in many different forms of athletics, and that
would be true, however, there are very few sports activities
that can match the raw exhilaration of Downhill Alpine Skiing
or Snowboarding that are so readily available to the public.

Having a facility that offers the Quality of the Alpine experience
at the level we have at Tremblant is a privilege. 60 kilometers of
immaculate Alpine Slopes, over 600 acres, offering a wide variety
of terrain for all levels, from beginners, all the way up to experts.

So then, if it is within your ability to do so, why would you choose
to go to a Gym at this time of the year, when you can get out
in the fresh air and have so much benefit from days on
the Slopes at Tremblant?!

The answer, of course, is that you should immediately make plans
to go skiing or boarding... don't waist another moment debating it.
The conditions we have right now at Tremblant are a gift from
Mother Nature that would be foolish to pass on."

The Team