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Short Editorial

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Short Editorial:

With the increasing input of the Social Media becoming
a larger and larger component of the "homework" that
people are doing, it is interesting to note the wide differences
in opinion about almost any topic.

One cannot help but wonder what the "newbie" must think when
they try to research something like a Ski Resort and find such a
wide, and sometimes seemingly opposite, range of opinion from
multiple internet sources.

Summarizing conditions is always a challenge
because there is a high degree of subjectivity,
even if you are trying to be objective.

For example, an expert is going to perceive things
in a completely different way than a beginner.

Another example is that Skiers perceive conditions
differently than Boarders due to the different physical
properties of the two disciplines.

While those examples are easy enough to understand,
it can give rise to misunderstandings about things for
no other reason than the differences in those perspectives.

We're not sure if those differences in perspective can
ever be completely rendered by one source, and furthermore,
we feel that writing from the perspective of our experience
is all that we can do on an everyday basis. We hope that there
is value in that to those who are not necessarily looking to
change the Tremblant experience, but rather understand it
in a way that allows the Mountain user to get the most out of
their day, whatever "glitches" from nature or others may be

Notwithstanding that... "You can't be all things to all people"... ,
what we would want to emphasize is that no matter what perspective
or point of view any of us sharing the Tremblant Alpine Snow Sport
experience has, the foundation is the outstanding technical merit
of Tremblant’s array of Ski/Board terrain that immediately rewards
Beginners, rapidly develops Intermediates and challenges skillful Experts.
Tremblant has produced literally generations of both Word Class and Word
Champion Skiers and Snowboarders.

With those things in mind, we hope that readers may find the points of view
and opinions expressed here useful to any degree, as practical in either
use or understanding.


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