What’s The Use?

Daily Tremblant Ski and Snowboard Conditions, Weather and News Reports. Current and Archived.
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What’s The Use?

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What’s the use?

...of this Independent, Tremblant Exclusive, Winter Ski/Board Season,
Sequentially Dated, Conditions Forum?

You can go with the random chaos of...

“Your Google Search produced 4,893,214 results in 1.247 Seconds”!

Or... You Can

Clearly Focus.

Commercial free.

(Please Note: Tremblant360 is not configured to
be optimally used on a phone. As a research tool
the large monitor of a laptop or desk top is better
suited to display the format. A Zoom-In X 2 may be
useful for full/wide screen viewing picture and/or
graphics display optimization. You may also be able
to click on individual images/graphics to “open in
new window” for additional zoom-in detail.)

Academic Research for those who are serious
about Skiing and/or Ski Holiday value...

A) A Chronologically Indexed, Daily Experience Journal
And Archive, for Tremblant Ski/Board visit planning.

The Research Benefits Of Empirical Evidence...

1) A Pure Tremblant Ski Experience Journal du Jour.
Winter, Daily, stat’s/conditions. A sequential day by day, season
after season seamless file, easily examined, and uninterrupted.

2) “Snow News is Good News”...
Any day on the Mountain is better than a day at the office,
so, even if you can’t be here or it’s off-season, you can escape
the crazy world for a while with this Tremblant winter/daily ski news
window that is consecutively date recorded, and archived.


Visualizing on multiple levels:
1) The physical being of this Mountain in its evolving state.
2) Participation in the experience of personal attendance.
3) Never been to...
4) Returning...

Visualization, one of the most powerful forms of
human contemplation.

C) Historical Review.

1) Pick your Month, Week(s), Days... then look back through the years
to see a Range of conditions.

2) Remember When? Look up dates you where here.


For Actual Ski/Snowboard Conditions Records, Google can never
give you anything else as pure as this archive.


D) Proof Of Technical Merit.

We Believe Tremblant Is An Alpine Snow Sports Environment of
Superior Technical Merit For All Skill Levels.

Since 1939, Tremblant has generated enthusiastic, successful participation
across all Skill Levels, from Never-Ever Beginners to Experts, including
Olympic and World Cup Gold Medal Champions. It is our intent to support
that concept within this Archive, as it applies to all prospective Guests.

-Beginners and Intermediates need to know that those who learn well at Tremblant,
can Ski/Board well anywhere in the World.

-Mum’s and Dad’s need to know that when Little Johnny or Little Jill learn here
at Tremblant, you can take them anywhere, and they’ll be at the head of their
class where-ever you go.

The exceptional Technical Merit of Tremblant as a learning/training
environment as well as its outstanding recreational diversity across all
skill levels, will make you a better Skier or Snowboarder. Combined with
the High Standards of Ski/Board teaching here, it’s easy to develop skills
you can take with you from this point forward.

(Editors Note: Please forgive the length of this topic, however we want to be inclusive,
comprehensive and detailed no matter whether you’re only spending for a days Lift
Ticket and a tank of gas as a regional person, or you’re bringing a Family for a weeks
Ski Holiday. This site is for the benefit of traveling guests who live outside of Quebec.
You may be coming from say, Toronto, Halifax, Ottawa, or Moncton. You may be from
Chawton, Hampshire England, spending Thousands of Pounds Sterling, or from Bethpage,
Long Island, New York, Boca Raton, Florida, Harrisburg, Pa, spending Thousands of U.S.D.
Planning a Ski Holiday is a big financial commitment and we hope our recorded daily
experience may be useful for your future travel planning insight.)

www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
12.21.14.Lac.Tremblant.Views.Mountain.Resort.c.jpg (410.65 KiB) Viewed 17938 times

What’s The Use?


... Getting To Know More About Tremblant, Utility Potential.

The term “Homework” takes on newer, broader meanings after whatever
levels of schooling we finish, and those new meanings are directly applicable
to the conduct of research in many decision making processes we use.
The quality of the results are often directly proportional to those efforts.

That concept comes into sharp focus for Ski Resort Visits/Holidays due to
the substantial financial and logistical commitments as well as the consumers
relentless quest for value.

For the most part, the comfort anyone has in undertaking all the planning is
knowledge gained from either personal visits, or the close-at-hand references
of friends. Both are typically experiences based on short, i.e., one week
Holidays or recent/annual visit timeframes.

As the result of these somewhat narrow or limited references(particularly if you
have not yet personally been to a perspective Ski Resort Destination either at all,
or at a different time of season), there is intense interest in acquiring additional
information which usually includes extensive internet searching on your “Short List”
Resort or timeframe choices.

That’s just the beginning of the “Homework”...

“Your Google Search produced 4,893,214 results in 1.247 Seconds”!


Actual, Independent, User Conditions Experience is fractured into millions of items
of information that are scattered across the Internet between F/B, Twit., Insta.g,
etc., etc., and in such random fashion
(created parially by artifical content dilution
from either Paid Advertizers prioritized insertions, or Mass Marketers with a big SEO
budget), that trying to get any sense of order for a seasonal perspective is quite near
impossible for anyone seeking to examine a thorough, chronological and sequentially
consistent, clinical record for any given Resort and/or Timeframe.

Not only is the competition between the Major Ski Resort Website Entities intense,
but beyond the Beautifully Glossy High Tech Corporate presentations, the availability
of Organized, Archival, Independent, Research Grade, Clinical Conditions Experience,
is practically non-existent.

So... You can spend literally hours trying to sort through 4,893,214 items,
and feel as though you’ve gotten very little or nowhere...

Not so at Tremblant360.

The Use Here Is:

1) All The Benefits Of Efficient, Quality Homework For
The Purpose Of Comparing Timeframe Referenced Tremblant
Winter Ski/Board Conditions.

You can scroll back in time for Tremblant days, weeks, months or whole
seasons/years, to learn about typical conditions experience within time periods
that meet your planning criteria...

Information All in one place, All in Dated Sequence, without having the painful
task of sorting through seemingly endless search results(more on this below).

2) Keeping Up With The Current Seasons Progress.

A) You love to see how things evolve. You appreciate the benefit of incremental
knowledge transfer for the insight it provides regarding the understanding
of any topic. You might not be arriving until later on, but for that reason,
you truly enjoy following along.

B) Not everyone can live nearby. Tremblant just happens to be one of your
favourite places and you enjoy having a Window that provides a view
you can’t always be here for.

It might be Daily, or maybe you’d enjoy catching up on quiet Sunday mornings,
but for whatever reason, you enjoy seeing how the weeks at Tremblant are
building into the unique fingerprint of each season.

“Bookmark” the T360 Reports Index Page @ http://tinyurl.com/yktelmu
(with the latest dates always at top-of-page), and follow along anytime,
at your own pace.

Is Our Tremblant Mountain Conditions Archive Perfect?

No... but it's way better than

1) Non-existent


2) “Your Search produced 4,893,214 results in 1.247 Seconds”!
...a virtually impossible number of items to sort through.

For Researching Actual Ski/Snowboard Conditions Experience, Google can never
give you anything else as pure as this archive.

www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
1.2.13.Edge.Summit.View.From.Beauchemin.c.jpg (1.05 MiB) Viewed 13907 times

Above: Try Life On The Edge....
Versant Nord, the North Side Edge Sector at Tremblant.

For Regular Attendee’s:

“We try to get out every Tuesday...”, “We try to get out for the Weekends...”

Homework regarding Current Condition Trends...

Why We Frequently Report/Photograph In Many Of The Same Locations:

It would be impossible for the one person, volunteer, contributing reporter
to cover and document the 4 corners, and all points therein, of Tremblant’s vast
amount of Terrain and Trail Network every single day. So, over the seasons we
have identified key areas that reflect not only the typical conditions, but the
sensitivities to Weather and Wear factors that are common to average Trail or
Sector status.

The value of doing that is that both we, and any regular readers or trip planning
researchers can observe Trends. Those “Trends” might be from day to day, week
to week, month to month or year to year, depending on the frame of reference
required by the individual. What makes that practical for Tremblant360.com
readers is the dated “Index” that allows any level of examination in either
sequential days or comparative blocks of the same time within any season
using common locational denominators.

“Trends” best appear as “Trends” when the comparisons have some basic common
element, such as location, so if Trail “X” looked a particular way a week ago, looking at
Trail “X” today allows both us and you to see the “trends” as they evolve. That would
not be possible nor the reports as generally meaningful, if the reporting/pic’s were
randomly different all the time.

An additional challenge we face is that you may, or may not be a regular reader.

This may be the first time you’ve ever seen this site and you’ve never been to
Tremblant before, or you may be a frequently attending Seasons Pass holder, so how
do we balance the different needs and/or perceptions of those opposite ranges of
Tremblant Experience? Obviously not easy, but we think the answer lies in monitoring
or providing insight into the basic Pulse, i.e. the identifiable rhythms of the Mountain’s
dynamic in key areas over time, which can be useful for all concerned.

“The Pulse Of The Mountain”

Taking your “Pulse” repeatedly to determine optimum Heart-rate for participating
in a Marathon is not a matter of Boredom, it is a valuable diagnostic component
in the pursuit of careful monitoring of your personal Health. Taking the “Pulse”
repeatedly at specific locations in Tremblant’s Winter Alpine Snow Sport Terrain
is not a matter of Boredom either, it's a valuable tool in identifying trends in the
health of the Mountain’s Conditions.

www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
1.15.12.Banzai.Mid.Point.Glade.jpg (323.36 KiB) Viewed 17931 times

For all Tremblant Fans...

Bringing Back The Memories or Researching Future Visits...

If you would like to look up dates you visited Tremblant, or as mentioned above,
if you want to research days/weeks/months to visit, you can sample what
those dates look like historically, month by month, year by year.

Comparing Time Periods, i.e. Months or Weeks within any Season(s).

GoTo: Archive, Search Reports by Date: Index: Link: http://tinyurl.com/yktelmu

There are approximately 6, 25 day Index pages per season. So for example
if you want to examine the 3rd week of February over any number of Seasons
to see the range of conditions experienced, just jump 6 pages back or forward
from any season’s Feb 15th you start from.

When reviewing dates from any of the past, numbered, archived pages,
you can use the "Previous Topic" or "Next Topic" buttons, located
screen far right, in upper date/message bar to scroll through sequential
dates, or use your browsers "back" button to stay on the selected index
page for non-sequential date reviews in either forward or reverse order.

----------- 12.15.20 Reader Utility Update Notice: --------------

Re: “Next Topic” and “Previous Topic” Individual/Dated Page Scrolling Tool Buttons.

On December 15, 2020 the phpBB Forum Template had to be replaced after 12 years
of original use as the old format could no longer be technically supported. We had to
select from the current range of cosmetically similar template formats, so the “Next Topic”
and “Previous Topic” buttons are now featured at both the top and bottom of the individually
dated pages for the convenience of page scrolling either up or down. The change is noted
in the 12.15.20 Mountain Conditions daily posting.


(sample Conditions post illustrated below)

tremblant360.com image. All rights reserved.
tremblant360.com image. All rights reserved.
Tremblant360.Forum.Scroll.Features.jpg (214.05 KiB) Viewed 17355 times

-If You Are A New Reader... your sense of of overall seasonal perspectives will
be enhanced by reviewing a few sequential weeks around your projected
arrival date, over a period of years if possible. That's one practical way to
see sample ranges of experience in Weather and/or Conditions.

-Regulars may only need to scan a few days or weeks to catch up if it's been a while.

-If you are part of a group planing effort and there are others involved
in the decision making, you may want to send them this link above so they
can participate in the Homework as well.

What’s The Use?

Third Party Archive Reference:

You’re sitting somewhere on a Sunny Beach with friends. It’s 32 C,
90 degrees F, and to cool off you talk about Skiing....

“I hear you Ski at Tremblant, what’s it
like there? We were thinking about February.”

You’re visiting relatives in London and the topic of Skiing comes up...

“I hear you Ski at Tremblant, what’s it
like there? We were thinking about February.”

Goto Archive, Search Reports by Date:
Index: http://tinyurl.com/yktelmu ...and show them some Feb. pictures
on your portable device, better yet, show ’em some Feb. Wallpaper Windows
on the biggest Smart T.V. you’ve got access to...

What’s The Use?

All Winter, All The Time, 24/7/365.

Even if you specifically initiate a “Winter” based Web-Search in the Off-Season,
current search engines will often skew the results to include, even prioritize
Summer content because large Commercial/Corporate sites PAY to have current
content bump into the results mix. This dilution of the information you’re looking for
can further absorb time and may seem frustrating to work around.

Not so here...

This Indexed Forum is Nothing But Pure Tremblant Winter
Alpine Snow Sports record keeping, and your focus is
100%, Uninterrupted, “Winter” for every single moment
of your visit to these pages.

What’s The Use?

History(Part 1, Part 2...)

Part 1:

5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 100’s of years from now... How did they live? How did they
spend their recreational time? How did they enjoy the seasons? What was the
weather like? What kind of Gear did they use? What was their relationship with
Nature? What was Tremblant like back then?

Humans have fascinated themselves with historical examinations since they
carved or painted pictures on the walls of caves. That is unlikely to ever end.

Part 2:

“Do you remember the first time we Skied Tremblant?, it was January 2013...”

Not only do we remember it... we documented it, day by day. You can scroll
back in time within these forum pages to the those exact days for your own
personal Tremblant History review.

Tremblant... The Speed Of Winter, January 3, 2013.

www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
1.3.13.Sissy.Shuss.Fast.Sassy.Schuss.a.jpg (752.45 KiB) Viewed 13907 times

Beautiful in any weather. The majestic snow covered trees of the background
make even the grey days etherial in this mid-elevation North Side shot on the
plateau adjacent to the Lowell Thomas High Speed Detachable Quad Chair-Lift
base. Skiing over immaculately groomed surfaces as you pass through mile
after mile of these spectacular Natural settings will leave you with an almost
spiritual appreciation for Tremblant’s Winter Alpine Snow Sport environment.

www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
12.17.14.Beauchemin.Mid.Below.La.Traverse.b.jpg (386.13 KiB) Viewed 17941 times

What’s The Use?


We encourage participation in Alpine Ski/Board sports at Tremblant
due to what we consider to be this Mountains technically superior terrain,
and as a critically important component of an active, healthy, happy lifestyle.
We all have days when we “Sit on the Fence”, deciding about “Go”,
or “NoGo”. We want to clearly state the best case we can to support
your “Go” motivation with what we hope are useful insights and
encouragement about participating in the Tremblant Winter Alpine Snow
Sports experience as often as you can, from where-ever you may be based.


General Terms Of Reporting:

A) We need to remind people that Daily Conditions Descriptions are Relative
to the Context of the Current Season’s date, up to, and at the time of reporting.

So, when we describe any given Trail or Sector, unless we specifically
state otherwise, it is only in comparison to what has passed up to that
date on that Trail or Sector and/or within an indicated specific time frame
for that Season(s), and such descriptions are not to be construed with Total
Seasonal Averages, Mid-Winter, or any other fraction of Seasonal Averages.
For example, “Excellent” can be applied to early Nov./Dec. season conditions,
but that does not mean the same thing as “Excellent” applied to mid-Feb.

We do our very best to write specific references for all skill levels where
appropriate, and we intentionally address Beginner, Intermediate and
Expert conditions to be inclusive of the complete range of Tremblant Guest
Skill Sets, for their individual advantage.

B) If you ever hear problems being expressed about specific Trails or Conditions
on-line by any source other than us...

There is some likelihood that it will be from Individuals who do not have the Skills
to be good on them, so they may blame the conditions instead of being critical of
their own abilities... i.e. Intermediate Skill Skiers complaining about Expert Trails...
or... any level of user that does not have Properly Tuned Edges and may blame the
conditions rather than having or using the correct tools, i.e., “Sharp Edges”, for the job.

Either way... this is a very appropriate reminder that Trail Selection/Review, Matched
to Actual User Skill Levels and Equipment Suitability, is critical to BOTH Interpreting
and the Credibility of Feedback about Conditions.

C) We are biased in favour of Tremblant, as we have been for 40 some-odd seasons,
because we truly enjoy and prefer the nature of Tremblant’s Geophysical Characteristics
over it’s Regional Peers.

D) We try our very best to publish the Daily Mountain Conditions Report
as early each morning as time possibly permits. The time of each Daily
posting is notated and recorded within the posts. We reserve the right
to add, edit, attach Apres Ski as information becomes available, subsequent
to the original post time, on a 24hr. basis. We configure postings in the
Forum editing screen on gradual, “Under Construction” notice, so postings
may appear incomplete until finished. Refresh new pages frequently.
Please accept our apologies in advance for any unintentional spelling or
grammatical errors.

E) Average daily posts take around 2 min read-time.

F) We use a Forum format because of the very quick and easy editing
capabilities that allow the frequent daily updates to both forecast
and review that can be necessary, in addition to the search benefits
of the compactly displayed sequential date indexing. Due to continuous
proofreading, inserts/updates, corrections, reformatting, spell-checking
and other Admin utilities, the page view counts may not be precise within
the active current season.

G) We also encourage participation, however due to spam, we now
have a manual registration process that is initiated by your request
via F/B or Twitter PM’s, or email to Tremblant360@gmail.

A pic. may be worth a thousand words...

Immaculate Groomed Surfaces are one of the Specialties of the House
at Tremblant, so...

Carve This(for 6 Kilometres)... if you can(a)...

www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
2.26.15.Carve.This.Shred.Versant.Sud.Tremblant.Beauvallon.d.jpg (898.97 KiB) Viewed 17281 times

Carve This... if you can(b)...

www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
www.tremblant360.com photo. All rights reserved.
1.20.15.Sud.South.Johannsen.Ski.Board.Go.Figure.Of.8s.h.jpg (418.92 KiB) Viewed 17919 times

You can search Tremblant archived Winter Alpine Ski/Board Conditions here
to your hearts content, day by day, season by season. Try looking for dated,
sequential, experiential data for any other Ski Resort and let us know how that goes...

Back to the index: http://tinyurl.com/yktelmu .