More About Twitter Feeds, And How To Join For Free

Welcome to’s Project Twitter! 

You can read more about Project Twitter and what the free service has to offer your business below, or if you’d like, take a look at our Live Mountain Report Feed in action by clicking here!


More about Project Twitter, and how to join for free!

The beauty of Tremblant is that there’s always lots of cool stuff going on. We wish we could be everywhere to report it all. But while reports about the hill and its activities are nice, we came to realize that by the time a report is up… well, much of it has already happened!

For example, suppose we put up a report at the end of the day about how the groomers had cleared away the moguls on a particular run (personally, I love moguls!)… well by the time you got the report, your day’s over and you might have missed the run because you didn’t know the groomers had been there!

Similarly, you might miss events, deals or menu specials at your favorite boutiques or restaurants because you didn’t know about them. 

We thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could get live reports from all over Tremblant, like trail conditions, cool events, deals, sales, restaurant specials, accommodations, real estate, etc, as they happen!”. That’s where Project Twitter comes in! 

Twitter is a free, quick and simple to use “micro-blogging” system that allows users to write a quick blurb about what they’re doing, or what’s happening. Users can easily send updates by computer, or in a simple text message on their mobile phone! (your standard text rates apply, which are usually between 10-15 cents per message). 

For example, suppose you became one of our Live Mountain Reporters. You could upload a short text message like “Fresh powder, snowing like crazy!”, or “Snowboard park just opened up” from the mountain as you road up the lift! Suppose you run a small boutique or restaurant at Tremblant. You could let the online Tremblant community know things like “15% off all ski’s today!”, or “Party going on at the Caribou right now!”. 

Realizing the potential of Twitter, we’ve put a lot of time into writing some pretty cool custom code that then pulls all these Twitter updates into one convenient place for the online Tremblant community to find, keeping you up to date with what’s going on as it happens! Updates generally appear in our feeds 20-30 minutes after they’ve been made on the hill. But don’t worry. We’ve got some pro-stars writing more custom stuff that will get things working even quicker! 

We presently have live news feeds available for: 

  • Mountain Reports, 
  • Boutiques, 
  • Restaurants, 
  • Bars & Clubs, 
  • Accommodations, 
  • Real Estate, 
  • content, 
  • And a Twitter Directory where we list a link to your individual Twitter feed along with details about your business for the entire online Tremblant community to see!

If you’re interested in joining our Live Mountain Report Feed (we’re presently looking for Ski/Snowboard Patrollers, Instructors and seasoned Tremblant enthusiasts to help us out), or want to get your business involved in this free advertising opportunity, we’ve listed some easy to follow instructions below for how to join, and how to begin making updates. It only takes a minute or two to set up your Twitter account, and then a couple of minutes to send us an e-mail with a few details. 

Once we’ve processed your account and added it to the appropriate feed/ Twitter directory, you’ll be able to begin making updates about what your business is up to, either by computer or in a quick text message through your cell phone! You could let the online Tremblant community know things like “2 for 1 lobster tonight” at your restaurant, “15% off on all skis today” at your store, or if you’re helping us out with the Live Mountain Report Feed “Lots of fresh powder on Beauvallon!”. (For businesses, we encourage keeping the number updates to 1-2 per day).

Hey it’s free and simple advertising… so why not give it a shot!


Steps for registering your new account, and joining’s Project Twitter: 

1. Begin by getting your account details ready. If you’re a business, we recommend signing up for your free Twitter account using an e-mail address that you feel comfortable sharing with your staff, so they can make updates to your account if need be, eg. “LeBistro: 2 for 1 Lobster tonight!”. 

2. Go to (you might find it helpful to open a new browser window, so you can keep this page up to guide you through). 

3. Click on “Join the conversation!”, 

4. Please select a Username that describes your business (eg. “LeBistro”) using only letters, numbers and “_” , then fill out the other account details, and click the “I accept. Create my account” button. 


5. Click on the “Home” tab at the top of the page. 

6. In the text field type “New!“, and then click the “update” button. 

7. Now click on the “profile” tab, and record the web address as it appears in your internet browser’s address bar (eg. ). 


8. Send us an e-mail at: , with “Project Twitter” written in the e-mail’s subject. Please list the following in the body of the message:

  • The address recorded above (from step #7), 
  • Tell us who you are, 
  • Your role, 
  • Your establishment’s name, 
  • E-mail address, 
  • Phone number where you can be reached, 
  • Your business phone number, 
  • Website address if you have one, 
  • The Twitter feed you wish to join, 
  • Whether or not you’d like us to list this information publicly (we need this information so we can verify who you are, and list you or your organization in our Twitter Directory… things like phone numbers and website addresses will be shared in the directory, unless you ask us not to in the e-mail). 

Once we’ve processed your account, we’ll notify you by e-mail, at which time you can begin making updates that will appear in the news feeds!…


Let the online Tremblant community know what you or your business is up to! 

1. While signed into your account at Twitter, click on either the Twitter logo, or the “Home” tab, which takes you to the place where you’ll make your updates (you can also make your updates by cell phone too, but we’ll get to that in a moment). Updates are up to 140 characters long, so be creative! 

For example, lets say you typed: “2 for 1 Lobster tonight!” and then clicked “Update”… 

Your entry would appear a few minutes later in our Restaurant Feed as: “LeBistro: 2 for 1 Lobster tonight!” (Updates take about 20-30 minutes to appear in our feeds, so please be patient. Visitors can also see them instantly by looking at your Twitter account directly from our Twitter directory). 


Setting up your mobile phone with your Twitter account (your standard text message rates apply, which are usually between 10-15 cents per text): 

1. Log into your account at, 

2. Under “Device Updates” on the lower right hand menu, click on “Set up SMS updates”, 

3. Enter the mobile phone number you wish to use, with a plus (+), country code (1, for Canada), area code and number. eg, “+15145551234”, 

4. Be sure to check the box below your number (if you don’t, the service will not work), and then click the “Save” button, 

5. A message will appear that says your number is currently not supported. This is normal. To activate your account to work with your mobile phone, you will need to verify your number with Twitter. Using your mobile phone, simply write the green activation code by itself into a text message, and send it to the number 21212. 

6. You’ll receive a text back from 21212 within a minute to let you know that your device has been verified, and ready to work. Note that if at any time you wish to disconnect the service, you can text “off” to 21212, or “help” for more information. 

7. That’s it! Whenever you want to update yourself or things about your business, it’s as easy as sending a short text message! Using the same mobile phone, just send a text message about what’s up, to the number 21212. Only your cell phone will be able to updates to your Twitter account, because Twitter is able to identify what mobile phone number sent the text, and therefore which account to update (Updates take about 20-30 minutes to appear in our feeds, so please be patient. Visitors can also see them instantly by looking at your Twitter account directly from our Twitter directory).