Startup Chronology, Winter/Ski Season 2020/21

People and Places around the Mountain.

This section is primarily Photographic, featuring large size
images with supporting text where necessary.
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Startup Chronology, Winter/Ski Season 2020/21

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Please Note:

A) There is some duplication in Weather Forecasting between this topic
and the topic labeled “2020/21 Seasonal Outlook” due to the relevance for both.

B) All inserts are date and/or time labelled. The first page here covers up to
November 21, 2020, page two below(reply #1) is a 12 year Opening Day stat’s
analytic, page three below(reply #2) is covering from Nov. 21. If we need more
pages, we’ll add them in and include a reference here.

C) The most recent post here is for 11.25.20 on page 3 below.

------- 11.21.20 INSERT UPDATE: ---------------

Good News About Bad Weather!

Big Big Snowfall On Sunday(11.22) Night?
We'll have to wait and see exactly how much, but for sure....

There is significant natural snowfall potential in this notice:
11.21.20.Weather.Warning.Data.a.jpg (369.3 KiB) Viewed 939 times

----------- End Of Insert --------------

------- 11.18.20 INSERT UPDATE: ---------------

11.18.20.Tremblant.Snowmaking.Observations.1.35.PM.a.jpg (416.58 KiB) Viewed 1044 times

11.18.20.Versant.Nord.North.Base.Snowmaking.Panoramic.Observations.2.02.PM.a.jpg (596.56 KiB) Viewed 1044 times
----------- End Of Insert --------------

------- 11.17.20 INSERT UPDATE: ---------------

10 Day Countdown Begins Now.

(Please Note: At the herein noted time of this snowmaking observation
which is a screenshot excerpt from the live Summit video feed, we also
observed the test operation of the Lowell Thomas Quad.)
11.17.20.Summit.Sector.7.25.A.M.Weather.Snowmaking.Observations.a.jpg (360.43 KiB) Viewed 1067 times

(Temperature Highlighted Herein is -8C)
11.17.20.At.2.41.PM.Summit.Sector.Weather.Conditions.Snowmaking.Observations.a.jpg (643.36 KiB) Viewed 1044 times
----------- End Of Insert --------------

------- 11.16.20 INSERT UPDATE: ---------------

Part 1:
A.M. Forecast Data.

11.16.20.Tremblant.Weather.Forecast.Models.a.jpg (525.43 KiB) Viewed 1152 times
Whether or not Mountain Op’s starts snowmaking once the temps
drop into the necessary ranges tonight, or at any other time, may
be matter of strategic planning. The balance of time and snow
production that would yield the suitable volume and coverage is
not known to us, however, over the years we’ve observed that the
team typically seems to build in as much margin as they can to
compensate for the variables in late fall weather. We’ll do our best
to regularly monitor the Web Cams for progress in this seasons
startup chronology.

Part 2:
3:44/15:44Hrs. Weather Conditions Observations.

11.16.20.Tremblant.Weather.Conditions Observations.a.jpg
11.16.20.Tremblant.Weather.Conditions Observations.a.jpg (319.34 KiB) Viewed 1147 times
In the case of our initial projections for the Summit to return to
sub-zero C by 8:00 P.M., the reality has shown that happened
several hours before. This is one instance where we are thankful
that the weather forecast was incorrect to the favour of colder,
and sooner. At this stage, we’d be happy to see that trend occur
every day. What we’re looking for now would be additional evidence
in the form of snowmaking.

Part 3:
10:45/22:45Hrs. Proof Of Summit Level Snowmaking.


Based on the projected weather factors available earlier today
we felt confident this evening would potentially be the start of
snowmaking, so we are very pleased to be able to report that
has become a reality.

11.16.20.Tremblant.Weather.Conditions.Proof.Of.Snowmaking.Observations.a.jpg (444.08 KiB) Viewed 1143 times

This is one of the big first steps for the commencement of the
2020/21 ski season and we think it signifies the point in time
that Mountain Op’s sees the future clear to commit production
resources that will carry through to the officially re-scheduled
start date of 11.27.20

----------- End Of Insert --------------

-----------11.12.20 - INSERT UPDATE: -----------

Effective 11.12.20 - Ski Season Opening Postponed X 1 Week.

11.12.20.Official.Tremblant.Seasons.Opening.Delay.Notice.a.jpg (320.23 KiB) Viewed 1160 times
Attached to the Official Blog notice is an in-house video.
Here is a light-hearted screenshot excerpt featuring Ricky Lyng from
Mountain Op’s management. Anyone who orchestrates enough snowmaking
production to open Sud/South, Nord/North, Summit-To-Base in so few days
has our admiration and full support!

11.12.20.R.L.Tremblant.Snowmaking.a.jpg (462.5 KiB) Viewed 932 times

---------------- End Of Insert ----------------------

-------------------- 11.1.20 ORIGINAL POST ------------------------

(Please Note: This is a draft/working copy and
photo’s and additional text to be included,
so we invite you to revisit/refresh this page
for periodic updates.)

Startup Chronology, Winter/Ski Season 2020/21.

While it could be said that Ski Season preparations occur
throughout the entire year with ongoing maintenance and
construction, we really mark the beginning of each new
season with the observation of snowmaking function because
it represents the presence of the most basic Mother Nature
permissions of sustained sub-zero C atmospheric temperatures
necessary to first create and then retain snow.

For the fall of 2020, Tremblant has shared some excellent
surface and overhead photos on the official Facebook page
dated 10.30.20 that show snowmaking on Versant Sud,
South Side trail Beauvallon, as well as Roy Scott, down to
the Sud/South resort base. This descent path would be
originating at the summit, then following along La Crete
to the top of the Alpine/Beauvallon upper pitch.
Shareable F/B Pic. Excerpt Courtesy of
Shareable F/B Pic. Excerpt Courtesy of
10.20.20.Beauvallon.Snowmaking.a.jpg (854.09 KiB) Viewed 1205 times
It should be noted that any or all of this could be system testing
as the probability of atmospheric temperatures remaining solidly
below zero C are not absolutely certain on October 30 of any year,
so the “retention” phase of the project may not be completely
expected at this stage. That is not to say there are no other benefits
though, as we will elaborate on further within this post.

On the Nord, North side, pic’s show snowmaking over the
summit entrance portions of P’tit Bonheur, which will naturally
extend to the mid-Mountain plateau at the base of the new
Lowell Thomas high speed detachable quad, however...

Additionally, a review of the Web Cam pages shows initial
snowmaking at the Versant Nord, North Side base.

Web Cam Snap Shots Courtesy of
Web Cam Snap Shots Courtesy of
10.31.20.Versant.Nord.North.Base.Snowmaking.Composite.View.a.jpg (658.98 KiB) Viewed 1202 times

In this Nord/North case, there are several possibilities, including,
but not limited to, snowmaking system testing cycles, or actual
snowmaking inventory manufacturing, for two examples.
Of course we like the second possibility most because it would
signify at least the intent to open Versant Nord, the North Side
from Summit to Base for close to, if not the seasons start.

Historically, it has not always been possible to open the total
Nord/North summit-to-base on day one, but when it can be done,
weather and conditions permitting, there is no doubt that total
Mountain vertical utility here just about doubles guest access.
That could be a critical consideration for the 20/21 Covid-19 social
distancing and other protocols that need to be strictly maintained for
operational safety regulations under the extraordinary circumstances
of a Global pandemic. So, from multiple POV's we could well understand
there could be a variety of motivations to facilitate this early/initial north
side terrain development, notwithstanding the the largest singular
benefit to the skiing experience as Beauchemin Bas, Lower will
remain as one of the very best multi-skill level descent zones on
the Mountain from the moment it opens, throughout the entire season.

Testing or not, in our opinion, all snowmaking production, whether
it “sticks” or not, benefits early season terrain development as any
moisture induced into the summer-warmed core of the Mountain acts
as a thermo-conductor to wick out heat from the trail network substrates.
The engine block of your vehicle uses water as a coolant to wick heat
away from its internal components for the very same reason. Water is one
of the very best natural conductive heat transfer agents known, so for whatever
reason it gets put on trails, we theorize it will help the quick chill necessary to
get to winter ground frost. Consequently, what we like to see is a very cool and
wet fall to quickly move the heat out of the core.

We think it is relevant to point out that the increasing number of recent seasonal
startups with Ski-out to either or both Sud/South, Nord/North bases may be the
direct result of the significant investments at Tremblant in the newest current
snowmaking technologies that can work at almost any degree just below Zero C/32F.
From that standpoint, it should also be noted that these newest snowmaking
techniques also benefit a very rapid open terrain development rate from the
moment of opening throughout the initial phases of individual seasons.

Of course, all open terrain development is dependant
on “Weather Permitting”, in-so-far-as the presence of
a sufficient time-span of sub-zero C temperatures that
can generate natural snowfall as well as allow for
snowmaking efforts to augment coverage. We have
a separate topic on seasonal weather within this
forum section that you can get to from the Tremblant
Geographic Index.

Please Note: You can make your own comparisons
between this seasons factors and previous seasons
by reviewing the range of pre-season topics we’ve
done for other years. Click back out to the “Tremblant
Geographic” index page and scroll down to the similar
topics of seasons past.

The Team
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Re: Startup Chronology, Winter/Ski Season 2020/21

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For those with an interest in recent overall historical perspectives,
attached here below is an unofficial case study of the Opening Day,
open trails, sectors and Ski-out to Base status for the past 12 years
in an annotated graphic format.

11.9.20.Case.Study.Opening.Day.12.Year.Stats.a.jpg (487.95 KiB) Viewed 932 times

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Re: Startup Chronology, Winter/Ski Season 2020/21

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It’s Monday of the week we can say we’re going Skiing on Friday.

With only 4 days left to go, the tension in the hearts
of genuine Tremblant Ski/Board fans is especially
heightened because not only would there be excitement
for any seasons start, but there was the little delay with
the late fall heat-wave, and... having missed 5 weeks of
last spring with the early Covid-19 closing, there was a
lot longer off-season than we’d have liked.

With that said, we still have the pandemic accomodations
to meet, but at least the conditions are in place to allow
the startup and they will all seem worthwhile when we
can click into the bindings and let gravity take over on
Friday morning. Our hearts are genuinely, sympathetically,
sorry that many of the regular seasonal First Tracks fans
can’t be here due to closed, cross-boarder travel restrictions.
So, it looks like it will be a domestic attendance only.
We remain hopeful that health and safety permissions
can continue to be met within regional/local zones and we’re
actively endorsing the strictest compliance with all Covid-19
regulations and procedures.

For those lucky enough to plan for Opening Day, we are sure
Tremblant is going to make every effort possible to make the
attendance processes as easy and smooth as possible. We expect
there may be some published guidelines or instructions and
we will document the startup procedures as soon as they
become known.

11.21.20.Weekend.Plus.Snowmaking.Observations.d.jpg (505.53 KiB) Viewed 915 times
11.23.20.Weather.Data.a.jpg (512.38 KiB) Viewed 915 times
11.23.20.Weather.Data.b.jpg (511.3 KiB) Viewed 915 times

--------------- INSERT UPDATE: 11.24.20 -------------------------

There has been a very desirable shot of cold that we estimate
may have gotten down to -14C to help frost penetrate into the
Mountain over the past day. What you see first below is a genuine,
crisp, cold, sunny winter morning, near ideal for efficient snowmaking.

11.24.20.Versant.Nord.North.Base.Web.Cam.Composite.Snowmaking.Observations.a.jpg (399.85 KiB) Viewed 896 times
Normally we would be including Summit level web-cam excerpts,
however there appear to be technical issues with the streaming
source up there and we have not had that POV on the Official
web-cam page for a couple of days now. Based on nothing other
than the usual relationship between Summit and Base, we’d have
to estimate Mountain Op’s has been banking huge quantities of
snowmaking inventory all the way down with these great temp’s,
near ideal for efficient production.

We would also like to remind viewers that the energy used here
is from Quebec Hydro-Electric sources. Controlled water flow
generated power is very environmentally sound, perpetually
renewable, and no fossil-fuels are consumed.


This is the very first hourly Weather Forecast Data
available showing from Tuesday eve., through to
Friday, Opening Day. Please note: despite some rather
“Spring-Like” qualities in the weather forecast, this
is actually a very easy, user-friendly projection.

We actually like the “overcast” on Friday because with
+4C, the last thing you need is solar microwave energy,
so the cloud cover will act as an umbrella, and furthermore,
at higher mountain elevations that are usually -4C cooler,
we may be able to keep a little “Winter” in the feel of the day?

11.24.20.Weather.Forecast.Data.Seasons.First.Tracks.a.jpg (612.46 KiB) Viewed 896 times

--------------- INSERT UPDATE: 11.25.20 -------------------------

11.25.20.Web.Cam.P1.over.Cabriolet.POV.a.jpg (350.98 KiB) Viewed 892 times

11.25.20.Weather.Notice.Data.a.jpg (292.22 KiB) Viewed 892 times

24Hr./14 Day Weather Notes:
11.25.20.Weather.Data.a.jpg (318.09 KiB) Viewed 892 times

---------------- End of Insert Update ---------------------

The Team
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